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Homefront dedicated servers detailed

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Homefront PC's online component is being developed by Digital Extremes, the creators of Unreal and Unreal Tournament. Their job is to add PC specific features to Homefront, including clan support, vehicle cockpits, stat tracking and dedicated servers. Read on to find out what you'll be able to customise in Homefront's online game.

Homefront GDC trailer shows live action warfare

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The GDC Homefront trailer mixes up live action film with in-game footage. The film part shows a suburban family fighting back after their house has been burned down by occupying Korean forces. One day that kid will think back to the day that dad fired an RPG out of a school bus and smile. For more on Kaos Studio's vision of Korean occupied America, check out our Homefront preview.

The Darkness 2 announced for Autumn

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The Darkness was a first person shooter from Starbreeze, developers of the excellent Chronicles of Riddick. You played a possessed mobster called Jackie on a quest for revenge, aided by a pair of demonic tentacles. These toothy chaps could be detached and used as scouts, or used to flip cars and eat the hearts out of enemies. The darkest thing about the Darkness was that it was only released on consoles. Thankfully, a sequel has been announced, and it will be coming to PC.

Homefront PC port has dedicated servers

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Homefront, the oh-god-Korea-invaded-America shooter, has been confirmed for PC. While Kaos studios are hard at work on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, THQ have assigned Digital Extremes to the PC version. It's scheduled for release in "early 2011".