Battlefield 4's final two DLC packs will be developed by DICE LA

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The upcoming Naval Strike pack will be DICE Stockholm's last new content for Battlefield 4. That's according to "DarkLord7854", the Reddit pseudonym of a Battlelog engineer. In a post on r/Battlefield4, the developer revealed that the game's final two DLC packs, Dragon's Teeth and Final Stand, are being handled by DICE LA. Personally, after DICE's many dinosaur teases, I'm hoping a missed memo will lead to the US-based studio accidentally adding real dragons into the game's fourth expansion. It's about time the military FPS genre took on some giant lizards, be they historical or mythological.

Rumor: Star Wars: Battlefront is likely to come out in 2015

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Modern developers' devotion to super awesomely rendered lens flares means that development times tend to run a little longer than they used to when we began gaming in the 1990s. Star Wars: Battlefront is no exception, having now been given a very vague estimated release window of summer 2015.

Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is "still out there" according to DICE executive producer

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Fans of the Battlefield spin-off Bad Company began to despair after no news of Bad Company 3 surfaced at E3. But DICE executive producer Patrick Bach wants you to know that Bad Company isn’t dead, it’s just sleeping.

DICE LA manager talks Battlefield, recruitment, and future Star Wars games

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In an interview with IGN, DICE LA’s studio manager Fredrick Loving discusses the studio’s work on this fall’s Battlefield 4 and keeps a solid poker face when on the topic of DICE’s connection to EA’s new Star Wars license.

DICE open new studio in LA, possibly to work on Star Wars games

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DICE have sailed across the Atlantic, and planted a studio shaped flag in a patch of Los Angeles. The newly opened DICE LA has already taken on veterans from Medal of Honor devs Danger Close and plans to have around 60 staff members by the end of the year, taking their orders from DICE's current HQ in Stockholm. As yet, we're unsure what the studio will be working on, although there's been some speculation that they've been appropriated to push EA's further expansion into the Star Wars license.