Second Life developer acquires indie distribution site Desura

Katie Williams at

Second Life's big on encouraging players to get creative with the making of stuff. I mean, you totally remember the first time you first entered the grid and randomly got handed a new (and possibly not safe-for-work) body part by some stranger, right? Well, developer Linden Lab has now gone and acquired indie digital distribution site Desura. It may seem like an odd pairing, but when you consider how mod-friendly Desura is, it kind of makes sense that Linden Lab would get behind that buzzing beehive of player-created content.

[REC] Shutter is your holiday horror game, featuring spookycam, nightvision, an asylum

Tom Sykes at

I've had my eye on FPS Creator for a long while, but this is one of the few (perhaps only) finished FPSC games I've actually discovered on the net. [REC] Shutter is a first-person horror, just the thing for those long winter nights, and like every spooky film in the world at the moment, it's viewed through the lens of a handheld video camera. This means SUDDEN BURSTS OF STATIC, which is presumably the result of ghosts trying to retune their freeview boxes. See if they managed to find Dave Ja Vu after the break.

Underrail - Arcanum meets Metro 2033 - is available to alpha-buy now

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Underrail is an isometric, post-apocalyptic roleplaying game inspired by Fallout, Arcanum and even System Shock 2, which is almost the perfect sentence until you add the part that it's set in a series of underground train tunnels, which pretty much makes it Metro 2033: the isometric RPG. Now it's the perfect sentence, and - to my tastes - probably the most enticing game summary I've come across lately, so I'm just going to let that sink in while I download the alpha demo of the game.

SpyLeaks is a stealth-puzzle spy adventure with, er, shooter elements

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It's James Bond season! That means it's time for a tie-in spy adventure - though before you rush to the shops to buy 007 Legends, you might want to give SpyLeaks a go. (Also, don't rush to the shops to buy 007 Legends.) Contrary to the name, SpyLeaks has nothing to do with either Julian Assange or a spy desperate for the toilet; it's a stealthy puzzle game with a wonderfully Layton-esque art style and one of those old-fashioned agents that sticks out like a sore thumb.

La Mulana is a 2D Dark Souls, and it's now available on Desura

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Well I've just searched the PC Gamer archives for any mention of La Mulana, and found diddly squat, so the news that it's been added to Desura seems like a good a time as any to talk about this forgotten indie gem. Based on the freeware game from a million years ago, La Mulana is an exploratory platformer set in and around an ancient temple. The world design and difficulty remind of Dark Souls, while whip-cracking hero Lemeza's range of gadgets recall Metroid or Zelda. However, the game has a character and atmosphere all of its own.

Erie: spray-what-you-want in this spooky, free first-person horror

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Erie is your latest atmospheric first-person horror game, following in the footsteps of Slender Man like some sort of supernatural stalker. Developed by the University of Utah's EAE Master Games Studio Program, the game takes place in and around a nuclear plant on the shores of lake Erie, in the terrifying period known as the mid-sixties. It promises mutants, scares and, clearly best of all, "hidden, rotting cats". Well, at least they were considerate enough to conceal their stinking corpses from the world.

Flare: a free open source RPG with tons of potential

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Fans of action RPGs have been spoiled silly over the last couple of weeks, but if you have any free time between Torchlight II and Borderlands 2 sessions – I mean, you are wasting around eight hours on sleep – you might want to keep an eye on Flare. The 0.16 alpha version of the ambitious open source RPG has just been added to Desura, with number 0.17 expected on the morrow.