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Spelunky world record beaten, watch all seven hours of this incredible run below

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Spelunky was our 2013 Game of the Year, and this is why. Streamer/legend Bananasaurus_Rex has beaten the previous, piddly world record of $2,980,000 with a titanic $3,105,850, and all it took was seven-and-a-bit hours of incredibly patient play, a deep understanding of the game and its systems, and a ton of skill. Man, Spelunky is easy. It's the polar opposite of Rex's recent full speedrun, which he completed in just under seven minutes, and you can watch it below if you have most of the day spare (alternatively, you may want to skim it instead). Rex's other achievements include killing the ghost, and making the first successful solo eggplant run.

Game of the year 2013: Spelunky

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Welcome to the PC Gamer Game of the Year Awards 2013. For an explanation of how the awards were decided, a round-up of all the awards and the list of judges, check here.

Here it is, our game of the year 2013. It's Spelunky! We loved it for its exquisite, focused design. We loved it because of the laughter, and the loud cursing that it inspired. We loved it for a thousand hilarious deaths, and a thousand scary, silly, exciting lives. We loved it for its hidden depths and challenging secrets. We loved it for the shared experiences inspired by the PC-only daily challenge. For all of these reasons, and many more, this is the game that stole our hearts in 2013, and then hid them deep underground underneath a really annoyingly placed bat.

Spelunky gets competitive with the Steam exclusive Daily Challenge

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Part of the reason Spelunky works is that death isn't an ending. When you die, you can instantly reload to be given a brand new level to play; similar in theme, but totally different to the last. So naturally, the upcoming Steam version is getting an exclusive Daily Challenge mode, in which you can only play the featured level once, ever. While it might sound at odds with the point of the game, there's a reason why it could make the PC release of Nu-Spelunky the best version available: everyone else gets to play the same level, but only once, ever.

Spelunky returns to PC this summer with HD edition

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In fairness, the cheery platforming roguelike Spelunky never left PC - you can play the free version right now. But developer Mossmouth did delve deep into the dangerous (and possibly lava filled?) world of XBLA with Spelunky HD. Which was actually just called Spelunky. Now that Spelunky is also coming to PC.

Play Spelunky in your web browser

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Spelunky is a procedurally generated roguelike platformer in which you play a tiny Indiana Jones style adventurer hopping your way through ancient tunnels. It's also brilliant. At least that's what PC Gamer's Tom Francis tells me, and he should know, he's played it over 1,700 times. Those Xbox fellows recently got a hold of Spelunky HD, a spiffy remake with much nicer graphics. We don't have that on PC, but we do have something else, the whole original version playing in your browser for free.

Spelunky and the City of Gold

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I've found it. It's real. I must have stood at this mysterious door a hundred times before - with the Udjat Eye from the locked chest in the upper caves; with the Ankh of Resurrection bought at a Black Market so secret I had to blast through solid rock to find it; with a Psionic Staff prised from the cold dead hands of an eighteen foot Mummy; even with the elusive Hedjet of the ice caverns, a prize I literally died to obtain. Each time, it stayed shut. But now, at last, I've found the secret combination of secret artifacts that fits the secret lock on this secret door to the legendary City of Gold, and I'm going in.

Spelunky on XBLA features multiplayer; we want it on PC

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Indie hit Spelunky is heading to console land in the form of an Xbox Live Arcade port. However, the port is being HD remastered and comes with a few extra additions, including multiplayer. Read on for the slightly upsetting details unveiled today at GDC.