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Defense Grid 2's future secured by unnamed investor

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Hidden Path's Kickstarter was a strange campaign. Despite the "Defense Grid 2" title, what backers were actually funding was Containment - a DLC expansion pack for the first game of the tower-defence series. The sequel wasn't secured unless the total reached $1 million - $750,000 over the supposed target fund. In total, the campaign raised over $270,000, which technically made it a success, but was far short of the needed DG2 stretch goal.

But! Despite the shortfall, Defense Grid 2 is now in production thanks to the money injection of a secret investor. The team explain more in a video update.

Defense Grid 2 funded by secret investor after Kickstarter fell short

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The Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter came to a close last August having just barely met its $250,000 goal. This amount funded the production of the original Defense Grid's expansion, Containment, but failed to meet the stretch goal required to guarantee that Hidden Path would move ahead on Defense Grid 2. Luckily for Defense Grid fans, a Kickstarter update has just announced that an outside investor put up the extra cash to make the sequel happen, and all backers will still be receiving a copy at no extra cost when the game releases in early 2014.

Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter campaign meets minimum funding, over $700K still needed

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The Defense Grid 2 crowdfunding campaign has concluded just above (well, $21,000 above) its minimum goal of $250,000. That minimum was the target for funding of Defense Grid: Containment, an eight level expansion for the original game which is due out this December. That's now underway, but to fund the full sequel, with a new engine and 20-mission story, developer Hidden Path had hoped to reach $1,000,000.

Defense Grid 2 launches Kickstarter, includes Radeon HD 6870 for $325-tier backers

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Add Defense Grid: the Awakening developers Hidden Path to the pile of game creators diving into the scrum for a piece of the Kickstarter pie. They're looking to raise a full million as a stretch goal, but have milestones at every quarter-mil that will allow them to deliver at least part of the DG2 experience. They've also partnered with AMD to give away up to 565 Radeon HD graphics cards to contributors above the $225 line, which is certainly a unique incentive for PC gamers.