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Cortex Command gets Steam Workshop, renewed development commitment in update

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Cortex Command is one of those indie games that’s in perpetual development. Data Realms founder Daniel Tabar released version 1.0 before Early Access was a thing. We reviewed it poorly, and Tabar admits that the game wasn’t really ready to launch. The nice thing is that he and his team never stopped taking feedback from the community and improving it, as the big build 30 update makes clear.

Cortex Command review

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Imagine a jigsaw puzzle of something great – say, an anthropomorphic Lamborghini bench-pressing a dinosaur. Now imagine the pieces are all the wrong shape and will never fit together. You can still make out part of the Lamborghini’s flexing bicep and the dinosaur’s worried expression, but it’s not what it should be.

Cortex Command coming to Steam this week, massive new video

Tom Sykes at

Data Realms' brilliant four-player tactical battler has been in development for eleven years, and
for a good chunk of that time it's been in beta. You probably played the beta demo back in the day,
before forgetting all about it and assuming it was vapourware by now. Well it isn't. In fact, as this
blog post
on the official site reveals, the long-awaited 1.0 release is coming this month – which
means sometime this week – oh and it's going to be on Steam. That's a lot of megatons
right there.