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Blackguards review

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Much of my time in Blackguards was spent waiting. I waited for my turn, as enemies slowly plodded around hex-grid maps. I waited for tactical diversity, yearning to unlock the more interesting attack options. Mostly, I waited for earnest fantasy stereotypes to finish performing their questionably accented dialogue and unlock the next fight.

Based on The Dark Eye pen-andpaper ruleset, Blackguards is a turnbased RPG so focused on combat that it’s more fantasy XCOM than fantasy Fallout. At the start the character you’ve created is convicted of murder. Escaping from prison, he or she must team up with a band of roguish misfits to figure out who – or what – was really responsible. Yet that mystery isn’t much more than a flimsy tool to link each battle.

Tactical RPG Blackguards is out now, as this hexy launch trailer proves

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Well I said Blackguards would be releasing in January, and I was (just about) right: Daedalic's turn-based, tactical RPG is out now on yer actual Steam. To coincide with the release, a combat-heavy trailer has been released into the wild. See spells fly, and baddies get incinerated after the break.

Daedalic's Dark Eye-set RPG Blackguards delayed to January 2014

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This is a good week for delaying games, it seems. We've already had Watch Dogs and The Crew pushed back to the scrag-middle and scrag-end of 2014; now Daedalic's Dark Eye-set turn-based RPG Blackguards has met a similar fate. Admittedly, that's one game you might not have been following too closely, so here's a link to our preview from earlier in the year.

Daedalic's Memoria out today, looks promisingly beautiful

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Daedalic's got a pretty good pedigree in the mostly barren land of adventure gaming—its last release, Night of the Rabbit, was a wistful journey full of frogs wearing classy little hats (really, how could the softhearted animal lovers making up the PCG team say no?). The developer's new game is the "fantasy-crime" story Memoria, which looks a heck of a lot darker than the rest of their back catalog, but is certainly no less intriguing.

Daedalic's newest adventure, Night of the Rabbit, released on Steam

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A top-hatted boy with dragonfly wings, forests that glow oddly of their own accord, and parties attended by bespectacled animals? Night of the Rabbit is looking like the most whimsical, dreamy thing PC gaming has seen in quite awhile. It's out today on Steam for $20.

The Night of the Rabbit, a new adventure game from Daedalic, coming May 29

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Earlier this week, German studio Daedalic Entertainment announced that The Night of the Rabbit (formerly known as "The Rabbit's Apprentice") will release internationally on May 29, and called the game its "biggest adventure game so far."

A New Beginning demo is eco-thrilling

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The first English language demo of ‘eco-thriller adventure’ game A New Beginning has been made available. From German developers Daedalic Entertainment, A New Beginning puts you in the shoes of Fay, one of small group of humans left alive on Earth in the year 2500. With the planet ravaged by climate change Fay is sent back in time to try to steer humanity from a path to disaster.

The demo features the prologue and parts of the first chapter of the game. The point and click adventure game picked up three trophies at the German Developer Awards, including Best Story and Best Soundtrack. You can download the demo from Strategy Informer or Worth Playing.

Whoever said games can’t teach us anything about the environment clearly hasn’t played this.