Crytek says new source of capital has secured its long-term future

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Crytek has ended its steadfast silence regarding reports of financial trouble and dissatisfied employees at the company that have been floating around since June, when it was reported that the company was struggling to meet its payroll obligations. In a statement released today, it admitted that it hasn't done the best possible job of keeping its staff apprised of its long-term plans, but says it has now "laid the foundation" that will secure Crytek's long-term future.

Crysis 3 lead producer Mike Read leaves Crytek amid reports of financial strife

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Following reports of financial strife at Crytek, another high-profile staffer has left the company. Crysis 3 lead producer Mike Read is now a 'former' producer at Crytek, according to both his LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. It follows news last week that the company's principle graphics engineer Tiago Sousa has defected to id Software.

Crytek's principal graphics engineer departs for id Software

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Tiago Sousa, a longtime Crytek employee who served as the R&D Principal Graphics Engineer in the company's Frankfurt studio, has announced that he's left the company to become the Lead Rendering Programmer at Doom developer id Software.

Warface, Crytek's free-to-play multiplayer FPS, launches on Steam

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Warface, Crytek's free-to-play near-future military shooter, is by all reports a decent game, if not a particularly noteworthy one. It's done well in Russia, but has struggled to game traction in other parts of the world. Developer Crytek, which is rumored to be struggling with serious financial troubles, no doubt hopes that today's launch on Steam will turn the game's fortunes around.

Report: 30+ Crytek UK staff have left since 2011, others go unpaid as studio struggles with financial trouble

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Crytek UK has lost more than 30 employees since 2011, according to a Eurogamer report. The departures include employees "who held key positions in art, design and programming" since development began on the new Homefront in 2011. News of the departures follows previous reports of financial troubles at Crytek, developers of Crysis and the Crytek Engine.

Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age announced by Crytek, is a four-player co-op shooter

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Four people stand toe-to-toe in a desperate battle against the undead. No, it's not a new Left 4 Dead. Or a new Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army. Or a new... okay, it'll be easier to tell you what it is. Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age is another newly announced game from Crytek.

Homefront: The Revolution announced, promises open-world guerilla warfare

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The words "there is a new Homefront game coming," are, based on previous evidence, something you'd be forgiven for not caring about. But don't scroll on by just yet, because there are reasons Homefront: The Revolution could resuscitate the ill-fated shooter series. Not least is the fact that it's being developed by Crytek UK. That studio were once called Free Radical, and were responsible for the excellent Timesplitters series. Also for the ropey PS3-exclusive Haze, so maybe we're not entirely in the clear just yet.

More significant is what the game might offer over its troubled predecessor. Set four years after the North Korean invasion of America depicted in the first Homefront, the Korean People's Army have established a totalitarian regime in Philadelphia. It's as good an excuse as any for some rough-and-ready guerilla tactics around an open-world area.

CryEngine development kit subscription available on Steam

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Sitting all pretty-like at the top of Steam's software roster is the new addition of the CryEngine toolkit and source code. For a $10/£6 monthly subscription, developers can license one of the beefiest and feature-rich graphics generators out there for technical boosts such as "perspective-correct volumetric soft shadows" or "procedural object deformation" or "ooh, shiny."

Crytek announces new MOBA Arena of Fate

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Today Crytek announced Arena of Fate, a fast-paced five-on-five multiplayer game. Crytek’s press release curiously does not mention the term MOBA, but the Arena of Fate site calls it a "free-to-play action strategy game." If it walks like a MOBA and quacks like a MOBA, well, it’s probably a MOBA.

Crysis and Crysis 2 PC multiplayer will shutdown with GameSpy

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I didn’t get to play Crysis multiplayer, and pretty soon I won't be able to give it a shot. As you’ve probably heard, GameSpy’s online matchmaking client is shutting down on May 31, meaning the games that used have to either find a different solution or go offline. Sadly, today Crytek confirmed that Crysis and Crysis 2’s multiplayer modes will no longer be playable.

Crytek are also targeting indies, announce royalty free CryEngine subscription

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It's WAR! Not real war, with bombs and screaming, but tech war, with payment models and indie schmoozing. Last night, Epic unveiled their subscription plan for Unreal Engine 4, offering the binary development tools and engine source for $19 per month. Now, Crytek have announced their own "CryEngine-as-a-service" subscription model. It has a couple of advantages over Epic's plan: it's cheaper, at $9.90 per month, and it's royalty free.

The API wars continue: Valve launches free OpenGL translator

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We’ve seen Microsoft teasing the GDC announcement of the latest installment in their popular DirectX series — subtitled "A Storm of Low-Level Hardware Interaction" — and now it seems the open source brigade are countering this new Microsoft offensive. Valve have freely released a software layer, ToGL, which will translate Direct3D calls to OpenGL.

Crytek to show off CryEngine Linux support at GDC

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Can it run Crysis? If you’re using Linux, the answer will eventually be “yes.” The German developer behind the first Far Cry and the Crysis games announced that it will show off its impressive CryEngine running natively on Linux for the first time during GDC.

Dishonored developer Arkane Studios hints at new CryEngine game

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No matter what upcoming plans Dishonored developer Arkane Studios has hidden in a velvet-lined box somewhere, it looks like CryEngine will be a part of it. A recent hiring push by the Austin-based Arkane and Battlecry Studios for artists and programmers to work with the Crytek game engine has surfaced, pointing to a project separate from the Unreal Engine 3-based Dishonored.

Warface now live in Europe and North America, launch trailer mostly about Chess

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As this cinematic Warface trailer makes clear, online multiplayer shooters are a lot like Chess. You remember Chess, the game about the panicked movement of pieces around a board that's being assaulted by grenade spam and AK47 fire. Every time you take a piece, it respawns after a few seconds, leading to advanced tactics like surrounding the resurrection spots until the arbitrary round timer has elapsed. No wonder it became the game of choice for some of history's greatest minds. Esteemed tacticians like Custer, Napoleon and, er, Michael Bay. Probably. In non-Chess related news, Warface is now out in Europe and North America.

Warface goes liveface next Monday

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Crytek's free-to-play shooty shooting game Warface is already open for business in Russia and China, and after a long Western beta period, it will very soon open shop over here too. Monday 21st October is the launch date to write on your face in military crayon, though you can sign up in advance if you already know what online handle you're going to use. (Something with the word 'face' in it, presumably.) To mark the occasion, Crytek have released a 'going live' trailer, below, though they've neglected to include Philip Schofield and Gordon the Gopher.

Crytek explains sexualized female soldiers in Warface

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Crytek's Warface isn't even out of beta, but is already drawing controversy. The developer created sexualized female characters after listening to feedback from players in various regions, despite that men in the game are depicted much more realistically.

Warface's "Sneak Peek" phase adds new game modes and female soldiers

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Crytek’s free-to-play military FPS, Warface, has just received a free update called the “Sneak Phase” that adds in new maps, female soldiers, and a few other goodies for those who’ve managed to find a way into the closed beta.

New CryEngine drops number for fourth iteration, shows appropriately spangly video

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Crytek's CryEngine already had most of the graphics sown up with its third iteration, and now its (unnumbered) fourth has returned for the stragglers, adding impressive-sounding things like "realistic deep facial skinning", "physically based shading" and "complex simulations" to its bulging bag of tricks. Thankfully, they also released a video demonstration to explain that those things mean 'better lighting, weather and physics effects", including puddles that will actually evaporate in the sun. To see this in action, either go outside or join me after the break.

Four Crytek websites taken offline due to "suspicious activity"

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Crytek have temporarily taken four of their websites offline following "suspicious activity". You can no longer access,, or - basically, pretty much anything with the word 'cry' in it (er, except is gone until the holes are patched up. If you have an account with the latter two, you'll be asked to change your password when they return, and if you use the same password anywhere else, Crytek are advising you to change it there as well.