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Crusader Kings 2 patch 1.10 prepares for The Old Gods

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Crusader Kings 2's The Old Gods expansion launches tomorrow. In preparation, Paradox have deployed a huge patch list of tweaks, balance changes, fixes and new additions. And that means more funny-out-of-context patch notes. Last time, we got such gems as "tweaked deathdate of Mubashir, Duke of Mallorca, and made him eunuch." This time? Missing children restored, marriages fixed and inbreeding increased.

Crusader Kings 2: The Old Gods final dev diary details overhauled technology system

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Here's how technology works in Crusader Kings II as it stands right now: You set the focus for your entire realm to Farming, Legalism, and Tactics... then you ignore that screen for the next 400 years unless you click on it accidentally. The Old Gods (and the accompanying patch that everyone will get for free) is attempting to change that by making technology a more active system. The final dev diary goes into a little more depth on how this will work. You'll find the video version above, and some analysis below.

Crusader Kings 2: The Old Gods contest gives you the chance to create an in-game event

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Life for the pagan warriors of 867 AD was certainly eventful. You had to decide which of the many gods you'd offer a freshly chopped head, fight over the exact distribution of the spoils of a successful pillage, and endure continuous interruption from the members of Led Zeppelin, who were constantly looking for inspiration for 1970s rock songs.

Now Paradox are offering you the chance to add your own notable pagan conundrums to their upcoming Crusader Kings 2 expansion, The Old Gods.

Crusader Kings 2: A Game of Thrones mod adding massive eastern continent

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Sometimes, awesome things just get more awesome. Such is the case with the Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings II, which has just posted a dev diary detailing a long-awaited addition. The expansive continent of Essos is under development for a future release, more than doubling the landmass available and introducing such locations from the acclaimed franchise such as Slaver's Bay and the Free Cities. Set sail for the sunrise and start brushing up on your Pentoshi—we've got more details below.

Crusader Kings 2: The Old Gods in-depth Q&A

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It's less than a month until the longships land to bring us The Old Gods, the pagan-focused expansion for Crusader Kings II. We've been keeping close tabs on new details at our Viking Analysis Desk, and today, we've got some extra meaty details for you. Inside you'll find our massive Q&A with project lead Henrik Fåhraeus, covering everything from concubines to pagan sacred kings.

Crusader Kings 2: The Old Gods release date and new details from Monday's livestream

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Paradox studio lead: "I don't agree... that a game is either mass-market or complex"

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Elder Kings mod brings The Elder Scrolls to Crusader Kings 2

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In Skyrim, while you were shouting down dragons, dicing up Daedra and fast-travelling up a bloody big mountain, did you ever stop to wonder what it would be like to pack up adventuring and go live as a Jarl? Probably not - their life appears to be a repetitious bore of sitting on a throne, wandering to bed, going back to the throne and occasionally making a pompous speech. But, if untethered from Bethesda's engine, they could get up to all sorts of political and military mischief. That's the aim of Elder Kings - an Elder Scrolls themed mod for Crusader Kings 2.

Crusader Kings 2: The Old Gods — Dev Diary 3 breakdown

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Welcome back to our Viking Analysis Desk for a look at the third development diary for The Old Gods, the upcoming, pagan-focused expansion for Crusader Kings II. This entry focuses on prepared invasions, and clarifies some information about which types of pagans will be able to do what, and to whom. Let's dive in...

Crusader Kings 2's Game of Thrones mod update lets you feast on new scenarios

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Crusader Kings 2's Game of Thrones total conversion has received a huge update, adding in two new scenarios with which to experience the mod's blend of war, intrigue and special family cuddles. This time, players will get the chance to try The Blackfyre Rebellion and A Feast for Crows scenarios, along with improved Hedge Knights and building options. There's a video teasing the new additions, but it comes with a couple of dire warnings.

Crusader Kings 2: The Old Gods dev diary explains pillage and plunder mechanics

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The much-anticipated pagan expansion for Crusader Kings II, The Old Gods, draws ever nearer to release, with the devs revealing in a livestream that it is currently "feature complete" and undergoing QA testing. Among these freshly-completed features is the ability for the new playable pagans to raid their neighbors for delicious gold: a system that was explained in today's dev diary.

Crusader Kings 2: The Old Gods get highlights videos to prepare you for the Norse invasion

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It's not quite zombies, but Paradox are still set to unleash a horde on Crusader Kings 2. The Old Gods brings pagan pillaging and Norse nautical navigation to the game, and you can see some of this in action in this two-part highlights reel of Paradox's recent preview livestream. In just under nine minutes, jarring cuts of information will guide you through a campaign beginning at the expansion's new 867 AD start date.

Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods' first developer diary released, detailed breakdown inside

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The first developer diary for the upcoming Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods expansion has been released. The Old Gods, set for Q2 2013, will finally add playable pagans to CK2. A new start date of 867 A.D. is also being added, as the pagans don't exactly start on stable footing in the default, 1066 scenario. I spent all morning pouring over the diary and the new screenshots and reading between the lines. What follows is every possible tidbit of information I was able to extract.

PC Gamer US Podcast #346 - Some Kinda Pirate

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Who is this new, rather unsubtle assassin in the reveal images for Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag? Evan, T.J., and Omri discuss. SimCity and the Arma 3 alpha are both out next Tuesday, and we're actually allowed to talk about at least one of them. Plus, some of the best listener questions we've had in a long time. Keep 'em coming!

Why I've spent 260 hours in Crusader Kings 2

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Crusader Kings II. Despite only having owned it for about six months, I've played it for longer than any other Steam game I own. In this video, I explain why I love it so much that I married it and gave it claims on my kingdom. If you know what I mean.

Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods interview - everything we know so far

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Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods has just been announced, and will add playable pagans and Zoroastrians to Paradox's grand medieval strategy sandbox. It's fair to say I was just a tiny bit out of my mind excited. Some notable new features include an extension of the timeline back to 867 A.D., and (sadly unplayable) landless adventurers who set out with their bands of warriors to found new kingdoms in true Viking fashion. I got to raid the brain-villages of Chris King, one of the expansion's designers. Read on to share in the knowledge I plundered.

Crusader Kings 2: The Republic review

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The large-scale grand strategy of Crusader Kings 2 can feel Game of Thrones-ian in its web of intrigue and plotting. The Republic expansion takes place on a smaller scale. At times, its petty inter-family squabbling feels more like medieval Eastenders. Brilliant.

The Republic is largely about trade. Your early to-do list as Doge ruler is simple: build ports, on every coastal county that you can afford. As your influence expands, you’ll clash with the other republics. They want your ports. You want theirs. You are never going to be BFFs.

Crusader Kings 2 developers livestreaming "introductory session" for new players

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Trust me when I say that the Paradox Interactive grand strategy Crusader Kings II is not an easy game to get to grips with. A few poor decisions and before you know it you're playing as an inbred imbecile in charge of a patch of land the size of Warwickshire. Luckily, for those of you not yet acquainted with the complex political wrangling of medieval lords, the game's developers are streaming an introductory session this evening, designed to ease new players into the game.

The stream is scheduled to start at 7pm GMT (11am PST), and you can watch it at Paradox's channel, or right here inside this post.

Crusader Kings II: Linux port, Republic video and some excellent patch notes

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We've already brought you a lengthy interview and expansive rundown on the new additions of Crusader Kings 2's Republic DLC expansion. But in the wake of its release, there's some CK2 news housekeeping to be done. The big news is the addition of a Linux version, but instead I think we'll kick off with the patch notes. They contain the sentence "Constantine de Hauteville is no longer female," which is just too good to pass up.

How is The Republic expansion changing Crusader Kings II?

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As you may have read in our exclusive Q&A, Crusader Kings II's next expansion (scheduled to release next week) is opening up the merchant republics of Venice, Pisa, Genoa, Gotland, and the Hanseatic League as playable factions. Paradox has been releasing a series of developer diaries with fresh info on how republics will play differently (and the changes coming for everyone in the accompanying 1.09 patch).

While you dine on lamb shanks and plot your overly-ambitious half-brother's untimely demise, allow me to break down some of the most significant tidbits.