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Shadowrun Returns announces June release date, details for backers

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Not only did Harebrained Schemes crush its $400,000 Shadowrun ReturnsKickstarter campaign goal, raising over $1.8 million dollars as of last count, it has also released a torrent of new information for backers and interested players alike.

Diablo 3 Collector's Edition unboxing video: PC Gamer defeat the Lord of Packaging

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This morning Owen and I cracked open the Diablo 3 Collector's Edition that'll soon be winging its way to fans in advance of the game's release on Tuesday. This super special version of Diablo includes the soundtrack, making-of DVD and an art book as well as exclusive in-game bonus items and goodies.

There's also a USB Soulstone - not the most secure Soulstone that Owen has ever felt, apparently - that contains a full version of Diablo 2 plus the Lord of Destruction expansion. In the video I mistakenly say that it includes the first Diablo game as well, but this isn't the case. Check out the full unboxing below.

Two Worlds 2 Collector's Edition Giveaway x2 (US Only)

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UPDATE: The winners have been picked. Congratulations to Bsik and VA1N. Thanks to all who entered.

You know, we aren't so different, you and I. When I have got a killstreak going, the last thing I want to do is get up to throw away my junk food trash--and I know you're the same way. So, over time, our desks get cluttered with computer parts, Mountain Dew cans, and Slim Jim wrappers. But when we clean them off, we discover treasures that would make the great pirates of yesteryear drool (and probably scratch their sweet pirate beards in confusion since they don't understand technology). Today is no exception. After removing stacks of papers we found two very rare Royal Editions of Two Worlds 2. And like true PC gaming saints, we're giving them away to you.