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Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition set for release on Nov. 15

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A whole slew of new screenshots have just landed in time to remind you that Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition is landing this Friday. All of the original art has been remastered into high-res, but the Dungeons & Dragons–based rule system and gameplay remains intact. The new edition also has four new allies and their various quest lines to explore, along with an arena challenge that focuses solely on tactical combat.

The makers of Police Quest aim to resurrect the police procedural adventure with Precinct

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Of all of the classic game genres to be resurrected by the crowdsourcing renaissance, I’m most excited about the return of adventure games. In that vein, a new Kickstarter, by veterans of Sierra On-Line’s classic Police Quest, is trying to bring back the police procedural adventure.

New gameplay footage of The Chaos Engine remake shows off devotion to the original

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We last heard about the remake of PC gaming classic The Chaos Engine a couple of weeks ago, and we’re delighted to hear that the game will be making its way to a speedy release later this summer. Gamers of the appropriate age (read: old) may remember The Chaos Engine, a top-down shooter from 1993 for the Amiga. It featured a steampunk setting, two-player gameplay and blazing-fast 16-bit programming. Sixteen whole bits! Imagine.