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CCP Games closes San Francisco office, loses two key executives

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EVE Online studio CCP Games has announced the closure of its San Francisco office as part of an effort to "merge and streamline" its operations following the decision to cancel the development of the World of Darkness MMO. Perhaps more significantly, it has also lost the services of its chief financial officer and chief marketing officer.

EVE: Valkyrie producer explains why VR is good for flight sims but not FPSes

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The space combat sim EVE: Valkyrie is a particularly exciting addition to the genre because it's being built from the ground-up to use the Oculus Rift VR headset. Assuming it lives up to the hype, that will make it one of the most uniquely immersive gaming experiences available, as players will have complete freedom of view through their cockpit windows as they yank-and-bank across the galaxy. But despite that great potential, executive producer Owen O'Brien doesn't believe it will herald a new generation of similarly engaging FPSes.

Eve Online monument vandals found, permanently banned from the game

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At last week's Fanfest event, CCP and the mayor of Reykjavik unveiled a giant monument to EVE Online. At the base of the sculpture are thousands of names—a tribute to the pilots that make EVE what it is. Unfortunately, four days after its reveal, one of those names was vandalised—a tribute to the fact that some EVE players really don't like each other. CCP have now found those responsible, and, in addition to any criminal charges that may be issued in the real world, have also taken steps to remove them from the game.

EVE: Online history book funded in less than 8 hours

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As a story generator, EVE: Online is nearly peerless. But for every individual player, there's still the vastness of the MMO's universe to contend with. Andrew Groen, a games industry journalist, wants to tell the story of EVE through its own grand, narrative history. And now that his Kickstarter project to document that history has been funded, it appears he'll be able to do just that.

CCP combines EVE Online and Vegas for Best Weekend Ever

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Las Vegas is no stranger to holding videogame-related events—Sony Online Entertainment has a shindig of its on a yearly basis and EVO is a giant showcase of fighting games. Now EVE Online developer CCP Games, which holds its own giant event in its Icelandic stomping grounds, is headed to Vegas with some shiny toys for fans.

EVE Online: Rubicon announced, CCP want to give players more power over New Eden than ever before

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CCP have announced the 20th free expansion for the jerk-filled MMO sandbox EVE Online. It's called Rubicon, and it won't just be the usual round-up of new features and balance tweaks. Instead, according to senior producer Andie "CCP Seagull" Nordgren, it marks the first step in a plan to give players "more power over this universe than ever before".

EVE: Valkyrie announced, promises multiplayer space dogfighting with the Oculus Rift

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CCP have just announce EVE: Valkyrie, the online, Oculus Rift-enabled space dogfighting sim, formerly known as EVE-VR. For fans of the now-deceased UK podcast, you may remember it as the game Tom Senior once described as like being "[CENSORED] out of an [CENSORED]". Enjoy working out what fits in those blanks. While details are still thin, a new trailer gives a taste of what to expect when the game is released next year.

Meet Tranquility, the military-grade 2,500GHZ monster that powers Eve Online

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If this were the Discworld, the Tranquility server would be the Great A'Tuin, the Giant Star Turtle on which all existence rides. But, this is Eve Online. Entombed within what is recognized as the gaming industry's largest supercomputer is the ruffian-riddled, single-shard universe of New Eden. According to its creators, CCP, the monstrous London-based server cluster has 3,936GB of RAM, 2,574GHZ worth of processing power and even military-grade hardware.

Tranquility didn't start out this way, over ten years it’s grown from “a couple of computers” into a classroom-sized behemoth, swallowing up new tech and evolving to meet the needs of a the half-million players that live in Eve's universe. CCP chief technology officer Halldor Fannar explains how one of gaming's biggest supercomputers came to be.

EVE Online: Odyssey released, trailer and screenshots inside

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Odyssey, EVE Online's 19th free expansion, has just released, and to celebrate CCP have launched a plethora of screenshots and an amazingly evocative trailer, featuring the ultimate in star-faring pep-talks. Of course, all it's really telling us is: "Space is brilliant!" But we can forgive that, because space is brilliant.

EVE Online passes 500,000 subs, teases plans for the Second Decade of the space-faring MMO

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CCP Games today announces that their epic ships-n-stats sci-fi MMO has soared past the 500,000 subscriber mark, filling the interstellar skies with an ever-growing number of ruthlessly Machiavellian space-bastards for a tenth year running.

EVE looked a little wobbly a while back with a full-on rebellion among its players, dismayed at the apparent disinterest of the developers, typified by the introduction of ludicrously expensive microtransactions. Since then, CCP bosses have expressed contrition and devoted themselves to recovering the good will of their audience. On a conference call yesterday, a tremendously bearded Hilmar Veigar Pétursson said that the surge in numbers was evenly split between new players and returning players, and driven by the game's relaunch in China and the release of the free Retribution expansion, back in December.

EVE Online's Battle of Asakai: who was involved, the stakes, and the aftermath

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EVE Online's complicated inter-corporate politics are often held together by fragile diplomatic treaties and economic agreements. So fragile, in fact, that a single misclick can lead to a fracas that quickly snowballs into all-out warfare. That's what happened to two of the spacefaring sandbox MMO's largest player alliances in the Battle of Asakai, a massive fleet vs. fleet onslaught involving 3,000 players piloting ships ranging from small interceptors to gargantuan capital ships.

EVE Online producer: "I don't ever want EVE to be nice and fluffy"

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EVE Online's Retribution expansion increased accessibility to the spacefaring MMO with its interface adjustments for guiding new players to their untimely death—er, their first few steps. But speaking to Eurogamer, CCP Executive Producer John Lander stressed the importance of retaining EVE's mystique in the wake of Retribution's release, saying, "I don’t ever want Eve to be nice and fluffy."

EVE Online: Retribution adding hard logout system, no crime toggle

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Whoops. I accidentally discharged my cargo of extremely sharp eating utensils through my missile tube right at a nearby police frigate. As I yet again contemplate my utter incompetence at playing EVE Online, I can't help but look forward to the noob-friendly services the incoming Retribution expansion provides. In a dev blog posted yesterday (via Massively), CCP Designer Greyscale detailed the safe logoff and criminal action toggle systems deploying alongside Retribtution's bounties and new ships on December 4.

EVE Online player loses ship and cargo valued over $6,400 [Updated]

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Update: CCP Senior PR Specialist Ned Coker told us EVE-Kill's initial loss estimate was "quite inflated" and offered a couple reasons for the discrepancy. More details inside.

Another typical Monday in EVE Online—in a backwater corner of the galaxy, a lone spacer is drowning his sorrows in the strongest alcoholic concoction this side of Jita after losing a frigate full of ultra-valuable cargo budgeted at over 213 billion ISK. Put another way, that's over $6,400 worth of items vaporized beneath the ruthless energy beams of a pirate squad in low-sec space.

E3 2011: Prediction: Dust 514 will be on PC a year after its PS3 release

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EVE Online devleopers CCP announced that their persistent shooter Dust 514 would be a PS3 exclusive yesterday. That seemed very odd to us, given that Dust is designed to closely interact with EVE, a PC-only game, and given that it's touted as a "thinking man's shooter," with more in common with Planetside and Tribes than typical console fare. So when I went along to meet with CCP, I asked: "yo, dudes, what's the deal?"

Full video of the thirty-minute chessboxing bout at EVE Fanfest

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In late March, CCP held their annual EVE Fanfest where EVE Online fans could meet, drink and participate in all sorts of crazy activities with their favorite game's devs in Iceland. For those of us that weren't able to make the trip out, CCP has put up the full 30-minute video of the ridiculous, absurd and therefore awesome chessboxing match that went down between two CCP developers: Björn "Left Rook" Jónsson, who claims to be CCP’s resident chess expert, and Daniel "Pretty Boy" Þórarinsson, who was Iceland’s 2009 boxing champion.