Case mods

Red Harbinger puts a PC in your desk

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Big gaming PCs are great, but finding room for that giant case with all its fans and graphics cards can be tough. Especially if you live in a moderately sized flat as opposed to a rural mansion. Which is why the work of Red Harbinger looks interesting. This newcomer to the world of bespoke boutique systems is looking to popularise the idea of putting a PC inside a desk.

Is water cooling making a comeback?

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Have you considered water for cooling your PC? The received wisdom suggests you probably haven't. Computer components have been getting gradually more efficient and cooler running, while at the same time traditional fan and metal heatsinks have improved in design to the point that they're often more efficient than water coolers and cost a lot less.

According to some industry insiders, however, water cooling is undergoing something of a renaissance. Baroque designs and piping are back in fashion, so they say, and demand for water cooling has never been higher.

Actual figures are hard to come by, mind. Gartner and other analysts don't really track the types of cooler PC owners are custom fitting to their machines, and any evidence one way or the other is entirely anecdotal. What's almost certain, though, is that reports of the demise of the water cooler have been greatly exaggerated.