Satellite Reign teaser promises spiritual successor to "Bullfrog masterpiece"

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Static distortion, a night-time cityscape, the briefly appearing words "obey" and "submit". 5 Lives Studios, the people behind this video teaser for an upcoming Bullfrog-inspired Kickstarter, aren't exactly being subtle about the Syndicate connection. But let's play along and see if we can't break through their oh-so-cryptic clues...

GOG.com sale offering 75% off Bullfrog Bundle, plus free Duke Nukem and other discounts

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Oh lord, it's really happening. The Christmas sales are here. First out of the gate is GOG.com, purveyors of classic PC games and newer indie releases. And The Witcher 2, which doesn't quite fit either category.

For the next 22(-ish) hours, they're offering 75% off their Bullfrog Favourites collection. For $11.92, you get three Populouses, two Dungeon Keepers, Theme Hospital, Syndicate and Magic Carpet. While you have to get all the games to qualify for the full 75% off, any you already own will helpfully count to the total, with the price adjusting accordingly.

Syndicate coming to Good Old Games this Thursday

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The original Syndicate will get a new lease of life this Thursday with a release on Good Old Games. For $5.99, you'll get a classic slice of gaming history. New players will get to explore the grim, cyberpunk world that inspired the shiny gatling guns and mind-hacking shenanigans of the Starbreeze Syndicate. Those with fond memories of the original can be transported back to a time when Bullfrog couldn't stop making great games, to discover just how brutal Syndicate could be.

Syndicate was released in 1993, just before PC Gamer issue 1, but we did review the re-issue in PCG 31, giving it a thoroughly respectable 89% (Also reviewed: Theme Park - 85%! Settlers 2 -89%! Deep Space 9: Harbinger - 45% :( ). Good Old Games are also running a competition to win a copy for free, find out more on the Good Old Games site.

Syndicate script leaked?

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Rumour has it that Starbreeze, the developers behind the excellent Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, are working on a remake of the 1993 Bullfrog classic, Syndicate. Project Redlime is though to be the codename for the project, which is being developed with EA.

Now Siliconera say they've received excerpts from the game's script. The leaked scenes outline a cyberpunk dystopia ruled by embattled corporations. Chips and implants are an everyday convenience and world powers are at each other's throats over a Uranium pricing dispute.

Peter Molyneux working on 256 player Populous in his spare time

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Peter Molyneux, the designer of the original god-game Populous, is working on something similar in his spare time. He's now creative director of Microsoft Game Studios, but on weekends he's making FeedMe, a version of Populous designed to be played by up to 256 people at a time.

He booted up his side project during the presentation, debugging a fatal error on the fly to give onlookers a rare glimpse of the game. Joystiq describe it as a high resolution version of Populous, but with a minimal UI. Molyneux, whose last games included the Fable series and Black & White, hasn't announced any intentions to release FeedMe yet. Given that he has Minecraft in his quicklaunch bar, we probably shouldn't expect it any time soon.

Why Syndicate was "bad to the bone"

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PC Gamer is blessed with a seasoned 17 year history. Occasionally we reach into our deep archives to retrieve something wonderful about a game we love. Today, we've dredged up ex PC Gamer shoe-shine-boy Kieron Gillen's fond memories of Syndicate.

An undead ninja dressed in gaudy yellow has just grabbed the eye-sockets of his opponent and torn his head clear of his body, dangling a couple of feet of glistening wet spinal cord after it. Cue screams from the horrified tabloids. Gamers laughed at it or with it, depending on their temperament. It’s 1993, and Mortal Kombat, in terms of press controversy, is the Grand Theft Auto of its day. But only in those terms. Anyone who has actually played the game knows that it belongs purely to the Grand Guignol tradition of video nasties, a comedy fountain of gore. Mortal Kombat was just slapstick with a very sharp stick. It wasn’t bad to the bone.

Why Dungeon Keeper has never been beaten

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PC Gamer is blessed with a seasoned 17 year history, and occasionally we reach into our deep archives to retrieve something wonderful about a game we love. Today, a slightly revised look at Dungeon Keeper, Bullfrog's best, vilest management game.

Something went horribly wrong between Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2. The sequel to what’s ostensibly Theme Dungeon (with violence) wasn’t inferior because of level design, or graphics, or even budget. It was the screams.