Next Car Game hands-on: reducing racers to wrecks in Bugbear's FlatOut follow-up

Craig Pearson at

You'd have to be an archaeologist - or perhaps a doting mother - to look at my car and say it had ever been roadworthy. It's been mashed down to two wheels, and what's left of the chassis looks more like a glitch than the rumbling muscle-beast I kicked off Next Car Game's tech demo driving. Brilliantly, as broken as it is, it's still attempting to act like a car. I can gun the engine and move this lump. It's a cruel mockery of damage modelling. Just look at this video to see for yourself.

Next Car Game's Kickstarter ends in a pile-up, demo released

Tom Sykes at

Bugbear have cancelled the Kickstarter for their crashtastic Next Car Game, citing the (fairly sound) reason that "it’s become obvious that we are not going to meet our goal". Fear not, however: this doesn't mark the end of the pragmatically named racing game, at least not yet - Bugbear are putting their weight behind their pre-order campaign instead. They've also released a demo, which - boo - is only available to those who've already paid for the still-might-not-be-finished game in advance.