Brendan Iribe

Oculus VR CEO sees potential for an MMO with "a billion people" in virtual reality

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When news surfaced that Facebook had agreed to buy up Oculus VR, it became clear the headset maker had big plans for its virtual reality technology. Now we have an idea of just how big. Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe says the Rift headset could potentially serve as the platform for an MMO with "a billion" people, according to a report at The Verge.

Oculus CEO: Intel, Nvidia, and AMD need virtual reality, fixed console hardware won't keep up

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Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe believes virtual reality should ignite a new race to increase computing power, much like the rapid iteration of CPUs in the '90s. Speaking to me a few hours before yesterday's announcement of a VR headset from Sony code named Project Morpheus, Iribe expressed positive feelings about the then-rumored announcement, but was predictably concerned that the consoles' fixed hardware can't match virtual reality's rapid rate of advancement.

Oculus VR on Rift: Motion sickness solution and 4K resolution "not far away"

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Like most of the world, I haven't yet had a go on an Oculus Rift, so I have no idea whether it really as good as sliced bread and 3D printers and all the other things that are the best things in the world. As someone who can barely tolerate the 3DS screen, I'm not sure I'll be too compatible with it though - particularly when you factor in motion sickness and the currently fairly low resolution. According to creators Oculus VR, however, both those things are likely to be improved soon. The latest prototype appears to have made great strides with the motion sickness problem, while a 4K resolution on the device is "not far away".