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XCOM: The Board Game combines tabletop play with digital enhancements

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Back in June, a man on the internet asked, "Why isn't there an XCOM tabletop game?" There is, as it turns out. But now there's a new kid on the XCOM board game block, and while I haven't played its predecessor and thus can't make any hard-and-fast judgments about which one is better, Fantasy Flight's upcoming XCOM: The Board Game sounds awfully promising.

The Witcher Adventure Game coming to PC, signups live for closed multiplayer beta

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt isn't the only big news to come out of CD Projekt Red's Summer Conference. The studio also announced that it's now accepting applications for a closed multiplayer beta test of The Witcher Adventure Game.

Cryptozoic is making a Portal board game

Emanuel Maiberg at

Board game publisher Cryptozoic announced that it is making a board game based on Portal. The tentatively titled Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game is set for a release in the third quarter of 2014. Its suggested retail price is currently set around $50. A portal gun that defies the laws of physics is not included.

Talisman Digital Edition hits Steam Early Access, has four-player local multiplayer (for now)

Tom Sykes at

Fantasy-themed board game Talisman was given a strangely single-player video game version last year in the form of Talisman Prologue, but that turned out to be a mere, er, prologue to the main event: a proper multiplayer version for up to four players. Talisman Digital Edition is such a thing, and when it's done it will let you roll virtual dice and move virtual miniatures online. The Steam Early Access version will only let you do that via LAN, unfortunately, but it does come bundled with a copy of Prologue - which is nice.

Explore 7,000 years of family history in 7 Grand Steps

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7 Grand Steps looks like a beautiful, compelling, hyper-intricate game. Out today, the board-game-like historical tale will have you traversing 7,000 years as easily as dropping coins into a slot.

[US giveaway] Win a free copy of RISK: Factions!

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Your favorite classic board game, RISK, is old and busted. Commanding vast armies and conquering the world with nothing but your trusty pair of dice may fulfill your Napoleonic fantasies, but the board game can be a drag to set up, what with all the cards and multicolored plastic Roman numerals that need distributing. And who really has three hours to devote to a board game anyway?

That's where RISK: Factions comes in. In this computerized variant, you can play as human, Cat, Undead, Robot, or Yeti, and wield some serious firepower, up to and including nukes. Want to win a free copy? Read on.