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Might and Magic Heroes VI review

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If you love Heroes of Might & Magic, you’re probably aware that you’re part of a small but passionate niche. The good news for you is that Black Hole are catering beautifully to you – as you’d expect, perhaps, from the level of interaction they had with the community during development.

The changes to the classic turn-based strategy game are pervasive. They’ve got rid of that peasant whose icon looked so bloody gormless you kind of wanted them to die, for starters. There are slightly fewer resources, making the map less fussy. And there’s a new faction, in the form of the Eastern-flavoured water creatures of the Sanctuary.

EU giveaway: win a Might and Magic Heroes figure

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A massive parcel arrived at PC game HQ recently. What could it contain? Why only a glorious angel man figure from Might and Magic Heroes VI! (It's the one on the left) This lovingly modelled figurine of the Archangel Micheal will make the perfect nerdy centrepiece for your mantle. You can see a little bit more about it on the Might and Magic Heroes VI website.

Would you like to win this magnificent statue readers? Check inside for details of how to win.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 trailer contains spider lady and patricide

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This CGI trailer for Might and Magic Heroes 6, the full version of the teaser we brought you earlier, is really rather swish. The gravelly voiced protagonist explains that his father was murdered by his sister, which for some reason let loose a tide of green glowing undead things lead by a scary looking spider lady. Fortunately our hero is awesome at swords, so he cuts them into little skeleton bits.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 will be released on October 13th.

Might and Magic Heroes VI trailer shows castle assault

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This teaser for Might and Magic Heroes VI shows an unseen enemy bursting through the gates of a heavily armoured castle to do battle with the silver-clad hero within. What it doesn't show is the part just after, when all the baddies organise themselves into a grid and take it in turns to slowly attack the castle's defenders. The name has been re-jigged, but Heroes VI is set to provide a reassuringly familiar tale on the classic Heroes of Might and Magic formula when it's released on October 13. We can expect plenty more from Might and Magic Heroes VI at Gamescom next week.