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Wolfenstein: New Order screenshots show Nazis, robots and Nazi robots

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Our quantum spectrathingy is going wild! What could it be? Ah, a chilling vision of an alternate reality world in which the Nazis: a) won World War 2, b) were obsessed with robots, c) had the technology to act on that obsession, and d) did so.

No, wait, my mistake. I'm being told that these pictures came not through a pan-dimensional viewing field, but rather a regular-dimensional "email". And they're not of an alternate world, but of the upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Dishonored, Skyrim and more for cheap in GamersGate's Bethesda sale bonanza

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Blink over to GamersGate and you'll find a selection of Bethesda published and developed games, their prices magicked in half for this weekend by Baargan'an, Daedric lord of cheap stuff. From there you can... er... damn. I was going to crudely shoehorn in a Rage reference, but I can remember almost nothing about that game. Oh, it had John Goodman in it. Maybe there's something there?

Wolfenstein: The New Order won't contain multiplayer

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We know very little about MachineGames' upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Order. What we could glean from the announcement promised the return of B.J. Blazkowicz, fighting through an alternate universe where the Nazis won the war and Hendrix's All Along the Watchtower hadn't been cheapened by its bizarre inclusion in Battlestar Galactica.

We now know one extra tidbit: that video's Nazi Robots will remain strictly robotic, because the game will be entirely singleplayer.

The Evil Within announced - here's what Bethesda have been teasing all week

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After days of creepy Vine teasers - later revealed to be Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s new survival horror, codenamed "Zwei" - Bethesda have now officially announced the project with a short teaser trailer. It's a live-action montage of gross looking stuff - more like a 90s industrial music video than a game trailer. But we do get its real name: The Evil Within.

Bethesda teases with another cryptic Vine video, commits floricide

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Yesterday it was spinning barbed wire and Bach's Air on the G String, and today it's burning sunflowers and a guy who doesn't look very alive. Bethesda Softworks' new passion for experimental art house filmmaking and short-form social media brings us a second Vine teaser video, this time five seconds long.

Bethesda tweets cryptic Vine video, says "guess again" to Fallout 4 rumors

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It starts with a dizzying shot of barbed wire. Then we see a glimpse of an LP—The Moonbeam Trio, directed by George Shackley. A quick Googling reveals that the Library of Congress has recordings. Then we see sheet music from Bach’s Air on the G String, and it's back to barbed wire. It's a four second Vine video tweeted by Bethesda Softworks. What it means is for us to futilely wave speculation at, but we're suckers for a puzzle, so why don't we try?

Skyrim team to move on to Bethesda's next major project

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The core group at Bethesda Game Studios announced on the studio's blog today that they will be leaving the jagged, snowy climes of northern Tamriel behind for an unknown location. While minor updates and fixes to Skyrim will continue, the bulk of the development focus is being shifted to the next major release, which they hope will be their "biggest and best work yet."

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall trailer shows Daud having a whale of a time

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On the strength of this trailer, we can be fairly certain that The Knife of Dunwall, the second piece of Dishonored DLC, is going to live up to its name. In fact, for a man trying to forget what he's done to the Empress, Daud seems to be going about it a in a funny way: doing what he did to her to everyone else. A guard? Stab him! A man with a top hat? Stab him! Another guard? Summon an assassin to stab him! The Outsider? Stand around while he tediously waffles about nothing.

Mod of the Week: Achieve That! for Skyrim

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I've never been much of a reader in the Elder Scrolls games. When coming across a stack of books, I'll drift my cursor along the spines, looking for any that are high value, either to collect and sell or to briefly crack open on the off-chance they provide me with a skill point. Today, however, I'm in the library of the College of Winterhold, opening and examining every single book I can find. This change in reading habits doesn't represent a sudden interest in lore or knowledge. I'm chasing an achievement.

This is due to a mod called Achieve That! which adds over 100 unique achievements to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. More importantly, it adds tangible rewards for achieving them in the form of small bonuses to relevant attributes.

Id starts fresh on Doom 4 development

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Doom 4 will eventually emerge from development hell, but exactly when is still uncertain. Bethesda Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations Pete Hines tells Kotaku that id's Doom 4 team has started over on a "new version" of the game after being unhappy with the initial quality of the game.

GDC 2013: Dishonored's Dunwall influenced by dev visits to London, Edinburgh

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At night, Dishonored's sprawling city of Dunwall looks particularly magnificent. Lit windows dot a canopy of Victorian-style architecture of angular roofs and spires, and jungles of smokestacks continuously belch out whale-oil vapor in an enduring sign of industry. It's easy to forget about Corvo Attano's errand of revenge and simply drink in Dunwall's details, but Arkane's journey of solidifying the city's theme was a far more elaborate process. At a GDC talk (via Polygon), Art Director Sebastien Mitton describes how experiencing "the life of a city" visited by the team eventually shaped Dunwall's culture and identity.

GDC 2013: Dishonored devs uphold player improvisation and minimal guidance

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Beyond Dunwall's detailed architecture and snippets of lore spread through its cobbled streets, Dishonored racked up acclaim for its steep non-linearity and free-form areas for players to fashion their own means of completing objectives using as much subtlety as desired. During a panel at GDC yesterday (via Polygon), Arkane co-Creative Directors Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith embraced this concept of player agency in games, saying, "It's all about guiding and attracting, as opposed to dictating the player's path."

Skyrim's 'Legendary' update hits steam, smashes level cap with a greatsword

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Like a thieving Khajit with a Sneak skill of 100, Bethesda have surreptitiously uploaded Skyrim's Legendary patch onto Steam. As revealed earlier this month, Legendary - or to give it its proper name, Skyrim v1.9 - not only adds a harder difficulty level to the game, it allows skills to be made 'Legendary', resetting them to 15 so they can be levelled up all over again. Why on Tamriel would you want to do this? Well, to increase your character level beyond Skyrim's 'soft' level cap of around 81. More details below.

The Elder Scrolls Online: What I loved and what I didn't as a long-time Elder Scrolls fan

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If I had to pick a handful of gaming moments that will stay with me forever, three of them would be stepping into Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim for the first time. Another would be my first few days in World of Warcraft. At face value, combining Elder Scrolls with an MMO should lead to instant RPG nirvana. But the reality of the situation is much different.

The Elder Scrolls Online video interview: Matt Firor and Nick Konkle on not making 'Skyrim 2'

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While I was in the USA to see The Elder Scrolls Online I chatted to game director Matt Firor and lead gameplay designer Nick Konkle about their experience making the game, the thinking behind the class and combat systems, and why they've kept first-person mode under wraps for so long.

You can also check out my hands-on from earlier today for a detailed breakdown of all the game's biggest features.

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC lets you atone for Daud's sins

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Bethesda have released details of the second Dishonored DLC pack, The Knife of Dunwall. Where the first add-on, Dunwall City Trials, was a hodgepodge of challenge maps and time-trials, Knife of Dunwall will return to the game's story, casting you as Daud, the jerkface assassin who killed the Empress, kicking off Corvo's career as a revenge-driven murderer/magic super-troll/meticulous accident planner.

Tropical Skyrim mod is like Far Cry with swords

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The frigid fjords of Skyrim constantly remind you that it's cold. Freezing gales howl down from ridges and sweep in fresh flurries of frost, and the arctic air means anything less than a full-blown mammoth pelt wrapped against yourself will probably cause some Seinfeldian shrinkage. It's time for an escape. It's time for a change. It's time for toucans. I can already feel the warmth blasting my face after installing the Tropical Skyrim overhaul to turn the Nords' bleak homeland into a lush jungle sprawl.

The Elder Scrolls Online Q&A details combat, party mechanics

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If there's a significant element The Elder Scrolls Online picks up from its predecessors, its fighting. Lots of it. That, and players completely disregarding the story and running off to some nearby ruins right after character creation. But that's an entirely different story—the latest round of answered community questions on the official website deals solely with combat and party composition, a pair of mechanics critical to most MMOs. ZeniMax studio members provide answers for both topics.

Duel Combat Realism mod for Skyrim is a true warrior's test

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Plenty of gameplay-tweaking mods for Skyrim sparkle like Ayleid gems in our roundup, but LogRaam's Duel Combat Realism overhaul somehow evaded our stealth detection. It's one of the oldest mods around for Bethesda's RPG, restructuring enemy and weapon behavior for a more realistic level of challenge above the game's stock hack-and-slash design.

Skyrim sketched: a collection of Adam Adamowicz's concept art

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For all its overabundance of sweet rolls and murderous dragons, Skyrim is absolutely beautiful. Mods enhance the windswept plains and craggy mountain peaks of the Nord homeland into a truly spectacular vision, but it all arose from the RPG's original, bleak, Scandinavian-style landscape.