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The Elder Scrolls Online release date announced; new trailer is live and shouty

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Here is my impression of the new trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online. *ahem* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- *clink* -AAAAAAAAAAAA- *scrape* -AAAAAAAAAA- *smash* - ARRGH!" *Whatever the noise if for a big fireball. Fwoosh, maybe?* If that sounds appealing to you, know that you'll be able to play the game - and so presumably make all of those noises - on the 4th April, 2014.

Fallout 4 trademarked, teaser site found, and other unverified rumours [Updated]

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UPDATE: Surprise! It was all lies. Stand down Fallout fans, your time is yet to come.

Internet. Internet never changes. Which is why, once again, we're having to cross the irradiated wasteland of rumour and speculation. There's a chance - remote though it may be - that Bethesda are readying the broadcast signal and preparing to announce Fallout 4 to whichever isolated pockets of humanity care to listen. Of course, there's also a chance that this is nothing, and that Fallout fans will be left to starve on a diet of broken, empty dreams. It's how they would want to go.

Bethesda opens publishing office in Sydney, Australia

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Bethesda Softworks, the publisher best known for systematically destroying the concept of time when releasing an Elder Scrolls game, announced earlier today that it’s opening a publishing office in Sydney, Australia. Bethesda said the new office will help market and distribute its games in the land down under and whatever New Zealand’s catchy nickname is.

The Evil Within gameplay trailer shows that hiding trumps chainsaws (good to know)

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I can't think of a situation in life that can't be solved by hiding. Tough exam coming up? Simply hide under some coats and hope that somehow everything will work out. Stole a joke from The Simpsons? Simply hide under the bed until Matt Groening stops hammering on your door. Stocky Leatherface-type dude chasing you down with a chainsaw, in a 12-minute trailer for the 2014-bound horror game The Evil Within? Simply hide in a locker until he goes away. Then you can flee outside to find that...some sort of apocalyptic event has occurred. Where the Hell are you going to hide to solve that?

The Evil Within trailer shows bad omens, ignores them

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An asylum surrounded by abandoned police cars, a main character rushing to the scene, the unmistakable sense that Bad Things are afoot. But what happens next? Is it: a) cheery resolution, joviality and picnics, or b) mounting dread, gore, and bursting limb monsters? I've got my suspicions. Let's find out if they're correct as we go through The Evil Within's Tokyo Game Show trailer.

Dishonored: Game of the Year edition announced, bundles game and DLC bits

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You fool! You didn't actually buy the excellent first-person sneak 'n stabber Dishonored, did you? As always, the fiscally sensible (read: boring) thing to do was wait for this: the Game of the Year edition, which has, with all the tedious inevitability of an Outsider encounter, just been announced. Of course, if you were really fiscally sensible (read: really boring), you wouldn't be buying games at all. And who wants to be that guy?

Prey 2 not being developed by Arkane, claim Bethesda

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In typical sci-fi fashion, Prey 2 has been through more than a few plot twists. It was dead, then it wasn't, then it was in suspended animation. There was talk of political machinations, of failed expectations, and - most surprisingly - of a developer switch, with the game rumoured to be in the hands of Dishonored developers Arkane. Now, in an interview with RPS, Bethesda's Pete Hines has helped separate fact from fiction.

The Elder Scrolls Anthology bundles every mudcrab, dragon, and potato-faced human

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At QuakeCon last night, Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls Anthology, a special edition retail release containing every TES game, expansion and DLC pack. That's a hell of a lot of prison escapes, grand adventure, and stilted voice acting being packed into a single box. But if you're not tempted by an attractive re-release of games you likely already own, the developer is also packaging the ultimate in PC gaming physical rewards: five maps, covering Tamriel, Iliac Bay, Morrowind, Cyrodiil and Skyrim.

Wolfenstein: The New Order delayed until 2014

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Wolfenstein: The New Order has been delayed until 2014, according to a new interview with Bethesda Softworks marketing VP Pete Hines at Polygon. The MachineGames re-boot had been planned for a late-2013 release, but developing simultaneously for current and next-generation consoles has played a role in the game's launch schedule, according to Hines.

The Elder Scrolls Online will tailor dungeons to group play, offer "rare locales" for solo players

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Despite series-standard flourishes like first-person combat, The Elder Scrolls Online is still firmly lodged in my head as an MMO, which means I'd always assumed that its dungeons would be created with group play in mind. But then I remember the TES connection - and running around through dusty tombs, mossy caves and abandoned shacks with nothing but a bow, a quiver of arrows, and a companion who handily points out traps by activating every damn one of them. Does that history mean the game will lean towards solo supported content? The game's developers have revealed their plans in a recent Q&A.

New Elder Scrolls Online dev video shows new monsters, first-person camera

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A short new development video from the team behind the Elder Scrolls Online teases us with yet another glimpse at how combat looks from a first-person perspective in the upcoming MMORPG. Released this week by developers Zenimax Online Studios, the video introduces the Kwama, a monster sure to torment us all—in first or third-person view—when the game launches next year.

Dishonored's success makes it a "franchise," future of Rage unclear, Bethesda says

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Life for many residents of Dishonored's Dunwall city is brutal, short, and dark. Fortunately, the possibility of a sequel to Arkane Studios' take on steampunk stealth appears to be anything but grim, according to recent comments made by Bethesda marketing VP Pete Hines to IGN.

Wolfenstein: The New Order dev says "you will cry blood" on hardest difficulty

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While we have a sense of Wolfenstein: The New Order's visual style, we're still collecting snippets of information about the gameplay in Machine Games' re-imagination of the Wolfenstein universe. The single-player shooter is intended to offer a tough, but balanced experience, according to Andreas Öjerfors, a senior gameplay designer working on the title, who told Gamespot that we will "cry blood" on the hardest difficulty.

Bethesda explains Fallout 4's absence at E3

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While we certainly saw a whole lot of online spell casting and ogre-clobbering in The Elder Scrolls Online at E3, there was a noticeable absence at the event. Deathclaws didn’t roam the show floor like they normally do. The food trucks weren’t serving the decadent squirrel on a stick, and Fallout 4 was nowhere to be seen.

The Evil Within interview accompanies a gameplay demo that is nasty, brutish, and short

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Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within made the rounds at E3 this week, with Bethesda’s VP of marketing and PR, Pete Hines, giving interviews and doling out screenshots. During a video interview with PlayStation Blog’s Sid Shuman, however, the real story was playing out behind the interview, where a gameplay demo can be seen.

The Evil Within is "pure survival horror" says Bethesda VP Hines

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Bethesda marketing vice president Pete Hines has been making the interview rounds at E3 to talk about work on The Evil Within, an upcoming survival-horror game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. In a new Rev3Games interview Hines throws out some intriguing new details about the development process, Japanese versus "western" games, and as well as what it takes to scare people in 2013.

Elder Scrolls Online to separate players by platform

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Players in the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG will find themselves separated by platform, according to information released today by game developer Zenimax Online. Adventurers on PC and Mac will share a server world while Xbox One and PS4 players will each be populating their own respective "megaservers."

E3 2013: What we're excited to see

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With E3 2013 just around the corner, we gathered around the Rectangular Coffee Table of Hopes and Dreams to discuss what we're looking forward to rubbing our eyeballs gently across at the show. Will Payday 2 address its predecessor's shortcomings? Might we get a glimpse at Fallout 4? Prey 2? As long as we can dream...

Keep an eye out over the next few days to watch the rest of our discussion, including the impact of this year's expo on the PC as a whole, and our rampant speculation on E3 2014.

The Evil Within screenshots show the horror of a world without cleaners

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Would you look at the state of this place. Sure, it's an evil hell world of death and terror, but is that any reason to forget basic hygiene? What are those shambling monsters doing when you're not around to be chased? Could they not pick up a mop? Well, it's too late now. These screenshots of The Evil Within have released in all their grimy, blood-soaked glory.

Wolfenstein: The New Order screenshots show Blazkowicz at war

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In a world where Nazis and robots have teamed up to shoot things, one man is shooting them back... Is how the Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer might begin. At which point, collected filmgoers would roll their eyes in dismissal. That's the problems with films, see. You just can't convey the ridiculous enjoyment of being chased down by a massive robot, who is also a Nazi for some reason.

Unlike these screenshots. Which attempt just that.