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Battlefield 3 End Game's Capture the Flag looks like ridiculous fun

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Watching this trailer for Battlefield 3's final DLC pack, End Game, you can see why many online shooters have started to replace the flag part of Capture the Flag with Intelligence, Bombs - really anything that isn't a flag. It does seem a little bit silly when you think about it.

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill screenshots show AC-130 gunship, twilight tank battles

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Now that Battlefield 3 Premium is well and truly confirmed, DICE and EA have lifted the lid on a few more of their upcoming DLC plans. Armored Kill is due in the autumn, and features wide-open maps with a vehicle focus: precisely the opposite of this month's Close Quarters infantry combat pack.

Of note in the new screenshots is an AC-130 gunship - the massive ground-attack aircraft commonly associated with Call of Duty turret sections. The last time we played with one of these in a Battlefield game was in the hugely popular Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat mod. Click through for the images.

Battlefield 3 Premium confirmed: Close Quarters and all future DLC included [Updated]

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Well, here it is - the trailer for Battlefield 3 Premium. Is EA's offering enough to get your subscription money?

Battlefield 3 Premium confirmed by Reuters

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Reuters has confirmed what was already all-but certain: Battlefield 3 Premium is coming, and it'll cost $50 in the USA.

The report mentions the ability to wipe Battlelog stats among the Premium features we already suspected, including new dogtags and custom knives. EA Games executive VP Patrick Soderlund is quoted as saying that Premium will help to "keep up momentum" for Battlefield, which isn't due another iteration until 2013.

Battlefield 3 down in advance of EA conference: Premium service rumoured to launch tonight

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As spotted by VG24/7, DICE have announced that Battlelog is going down tonight for several hours in advance of EA's E3 press conference. Battlefield 3 will be unavailable from 3pm to 8pm GMT (10am-3pm EST, 7am-12pm PST).

It's heavily rumoured that Battlefield 3 Premium will make its first appearance at E3, and the timing of this downtime suggests that the service could actually launch tonight. It's also possible that this could mean the release of Close Quarters.