Barely Floating

Defeat pirates as an old man in free yacht-based adventure game Barely Floating

Tom Sykes at

Stemshock Interactive's Barely Floating was released last year, as part of the pay-what-you-want Summerbatch adventure game bundle, but it's just been re-released with the price tag removed. What is Barely Floating? Well, apart from that [TOILET HUMOUR]. Barely Floating is a well-drawn 2-3 hour long adventure game, putting you in the slippers of a grumpy old man on a luxury yacht. Before you can say 'Speed 2: Cruise Control', the yacht is taken over by pirates, and it falls to you to put things right. Head here to do that, if you've remembered to pack enough humbugs and Werther's Originals for the trip.

Summerbatch unleashes five indie adventures, lets you pick a price to take PISS

Richard Cobbett at

Ever wanted to play a game called PISS? That's just one of the five games you get in the first volume of Summerbatch - a collection of quirky, indie adventures, made available under the pay-what-you-want system. All proceeds are split between the developers, with £50 going to the SpecialEffect charity for every £500 raised. But what games do you get for your money? An odd selection indeed...