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TERA gets seven day free trial

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If the in-browser 30 minute taster of TERA didn't do enough to convince you to dive into Bluehole's action-MMO, this seven day trial might do the trick. To get involved you can sign up for a free EnMasse account on the TERA site. You can battle your way to level 23 with up to eight characters. There will be a few typical free trial restrictions in place. You won't be able to use the post system, post in area chat, form guilds or vote in TERA's curious political system, but you will be able to carry your trial chracters into the full game if you choose to subscribe. Discover our verdict in the PC Gamer TERA review.

Check out Core Blaze, an action MMO complete with blue ice panthers

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Call me crazy, but an MMO's aesthetics can go a long way towards making it stick out from the rest of the pack. That's how I first noticed Core Blaze, an action MMO in the same vein as Vindictus, being made by Taiwanese developer Gamania. This hack-'n'-slash RPG is quite the looker, using an appealing Chinese art style built in the Unreal Engine 3 to give your monster-slaying an extra coat of polish. Read on to see gameplay footage and a grip of sweet screenshots that'll put the fear of Liang Qu in you.

Interview: GamersFirst on bringing back APB

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As reported last week, cops and robbers MMO APB has been bought by GamersFirst, who have announced that the game will return as a free-to-play game in the first half of next year. We've had a chat with GamersFirst CTO and COO, Bjorn Book-Larsson about the next chapter for the troubled MMO, discussing the game's potential, the new features GamersFirst will be working on, and the reasons why APB failed in the first place.