Stronghold 3 review

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There are brief, fleeting moments when Stronghold 3’s mix of medieval RTS and city building coalesce into something enjoyable. Garrisoning troops in watchtowers, using trebuchets to launch diseased cattle at the enemy, then switching back to your Keep to construct more hovels, and using the popularity boost to tax the socks off your impoverished workers. It can be a frantic challenge that’s wholly satisfying.

The rest of the time, you’ll be too busy fighting bugs and obtuse systems to engage in deep and empowering strategy.

Stronghold 3 trailer celebrates launch by building a fortress and burning peasants

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The perfect castle takes "a lifetime to build" according to the Stronghold 3 launch trailer, an imperfect castle will cut those lifetimes very short. Whether it's death by trebuchet, diseased badger or flaming suicide cart, your cheerfully loyal peasants are likely to suffer. At least it will be funny. Stronghold 3 is out now on Steam, Direct2Drive and Gamersgate. Find out more about how Firefly have tried to bounce back from Stronghold 2 in our Stronghold 3 preview.

Stronghold 3 trailer features pleased peasants and hungry wolves

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"I don't like the look of those torture engines!" a villager declares cheerfully in the latest trailer for Stronghold 3. The castle building sim looks set to feature the happiest peasants in PC gaming, even their cries of "the wolves are coming!" seem laced with a disarming sense of hope and optimism. "I'm being eaten, sire! Also might I say you're looking very fine today!" he might add.

But will their unshakeable faith in our good intentions stop us from pelting them with diseased badgers? No. Ready the animal trebuchets for Stronghold 3's release date on October 18. It's available to pre-order now on Steam.