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Minecraft: The Story of Mojang now available to watch on YouTube

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Minecraft is tied inexorably to YouTube, both through those who have used the site to share their own in-game creations, and through the communities that have risen up around dedicated video makers. Really then, it makes sense that 2 Player Production's documentary, Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, has found a home on the site, and is available to stream for free. Head over to YouTube to see it nestled lovingly amid related videos for various Let's Plays, possibly featuring two zany friends shrieking at each other over a Creeper attack.

Humble Double Fine Bundle adds eight prototypes, Amnesia Fortnight documentary

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Amnesia Fortnight is how Double Fine turns creative people into games—everyone on staff is hit on the head with a brick or some other amnesia-inducing device and spends two weeks prototyping new ideas. It's how Costume Quest and Stacking were greenlit, and last year Double Fine introduced us to the process by letting us vote on concepts in its first Humble Bundle collaboration. Those prototypes, and a few more, are now available again through the current Humble Double Fine Bundle.

The Double Fine Adventure gets a new name and website

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Tim Schafer's Double Fine Adventure, aka. Codename: Reds, aka. That Kickstarter Project That Made All of The Money now has a new, final, name for it to also be known as: Broken Age. As a result of my warped view of game development, it is 40% more real now that it has been named.

There's a website, too (making it a further 10% more real), which gives a brief plot outline for the adventure, and also lets anyone not among the original 87,142 Kickstarter backers pre-order both the game and 2 Player Productions' fine development documentary.

Minecraft: The Story of Mojang release trailer; film out Sunday

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Mojang have seen a meteoric rise to fame, supported by a game that's beloved by millions and a community that excels in creative expression. It's quite the story, and, after a successful Kickstarter at the start of 2011, 2 Player Productions are finally about to tell it. On 23rd December they release their documentary Minecraft: The Story of Mojang for direct download and streaming. Here's the trailer:

Minecraft documentary shows start of Mojang Studios

Tom Senior at

A film company have released what they call a proof of concept for a feature length documentary on Minecraft and the formation of Mojang Studios. It's a 21 minute movie in which Notch and the other members of Mojang Specifications give their views on the success of Minecraft as they move into their new offices and plan the future of the game.

The film studio initially set out to make a short movie, but are now aiming to turn this short film into a full length documentary, and are looking for funding. You'll find the full film below, along with details on how to donate.