StarCraft Master will teach you multiplayer micro skills

Tom Senior


StarCraft 2

Blizzard mentioned last week that a new official Custom Map was on the way. It's here now, and it's pretty neat, especially if you're interested in improving your advanced StarCraft 2 multiplayer skills. The StarCraft Master map now offers 30 challenges designed to test and teach advanced unit control in a safe, single player environment.

According to a post on Battle.Net , the levels will test many different skills, with missions that range from "kiting a single unit, to managing incoming damage and maximizing unit abilities, to controlling a mix of units to obtain victory over a superior enemy force," all of which sounds pretty darn useful.

StarCraft 2 already contains a few challenge missions which teach basic unit counters, but this custom map goes much further, and should give us a good way to sharpen our skills without having to experiment too much in the heat of a multiplayer scrap.

The mod's live now at the top of the Featured list on the Find Custom Game page. You'll be able to earn a few achievements for beating the map, and if you're really good, you could win yourself a new Battle.Net portrait.

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