Star Citizen trailer details economy and mission generation

Phil Savage


It's not quite as immediately sexy as their previous in-engine trailer , but this video for the economic plans of Cloud Imperium's Star Citizen still dazzles with its descriptions of a vast and emergent system. Here, studio founder Chris Roberts takes us through examples of naturally occurring trade missions - and how their success or failure can tie directly into the galactic price of goods.

Factories will create missions to secure the resources they need. At first, requesting a delivery - tonnes of alloys and explosives in the example given - and then, if those raw materials can't make it through a pirate ambush, contracting mercenaries to alleviate the danger. Beyond the immediate missions, the price of whatever a factory is producing will rise and fall based on how easily supply can be maintained. If it works as intended, it'll be a fascinating system to see in action - with simple actions from players having a far reaching knock-on effect through the galaxy, generating multiple missions for all types of player.

That is, if it works. We're a way off finding out for sure, with Star Citizen not due out until late next year.

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