Skyward Collapse released, turn-based god game diplomacy arrives on Steam

Phil Savage


The thing about humans is, you try and do something nice for them, and then they throw it back in your face by raising an army and going to war. Even innocent things, like building a bakery so they don't starve, will result in more soldiers prowling the floating island you watch over. Well, at least they can defend themselves from bandits... No, wait, they're charging head-first into a big Greek mythological monstrosity. The other thing about humans is they're kind of dumb.

That's what you'll have to deal with in Skyward Collapse, the turn-based 4X god game from AI War developer Arcen Games. You play as The Creator, who is attempting to help two warring civilizations thrive, without letting either get advanced enough to wipe out their rival. It's an interesting twist on the god 'em up genre, and it's out now through Steam and the developer's website .

Each turn you alternate between the two factions, placing down buildings and mythological units in order to balance the scales of an escalating conflict. As such, your biggest antagonist is usually you past-self - who you'll come to resent as the careless jerk that over-empowered one side, and left you desperately scrabbling to bolster an increasingly crippled faction.

Here's the feature list, courtesy of the game's website :

  • "A turn-based strategic god-game where you control neither faction, but instead strive to maintain the balance of power."

  • "Make towns and war as the boardgame-like floating continent continues to construct itself around you."

  • "Persuade your minions into doing what you want by controlling the circumstances of their (brief) lives."

  • "16 gods, each with unique passive abilities and three active powers, help you further your goals as you pass into the Age of Monsters."

  • "Level up your player profile by winning games. Twelve unlockable buildings in all!"

  • "Straightforward controls paired with an intuitive and helpful interface make this an easy title to pick up... but the strategy runs deep."

  • "Multiple difficulty levels let you play a very relaxed game up to a nail-bitingly difficult one. There's no one best way to win!"

  • "Co-op multiplayer for up to 8 players."

    Skyward Collapse is currently available at a 10% discount on Steam , selling at £3.59 for the next week.

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