Skyrim mods are quite popular: two million downloads in three days

Skyrim Workshop Mods Midas Magic

The Skyrim Creation Kit was released last Wednesday. Within hours, the Steam Workshop was stuffed with mods, including good ones, bad ones and downright scary ones. In case it wasn't obvious already, Skyrim mods have proved extremely popular with players. Bethesda say that two million mods were downloaded within three days of the release of the Creation Kit.

Players have had plenty to choose from. According to Bethesda "more than 2,500 mods have been published by the gaming community." It's an almost overwhelming selection that ranges from new armour and upgraded textures to new combat moves and devastating magic. Thankfully, the Steam Workshop now has a much needed search bar, making it easier to find mods your friends have recommended. Speaking of which, here's our round up of some of the best Steam Workshop mods so far.


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