Risen 2: Dark Waters dev diary surfaces

Henry Winchester


Despite our tepid review of Teutonic RPG Risen, a lot of people went out and bought it. Which means one thing: sequel time. And sequel time means one thing: dev diary videos. And dev diary videos mean one thing: dodgily dubbed German people talking about their game.

Risen 2: Dark Waters eschews land-based RPGing in favour of going fully into pirate land. A YARRRPG, if you will. Here developers Piranha Bytes - whose studios appear to be in a garden centre - talk about the design of the game, and how they've made the jungles look especially jungley.

The most pleasing thing about Risen 2 is that it reminds me a little of Monkey Island, which gets namechecked in the video. But then I remembered that Pirates of the Caribbean reminded me of Monkey Island, and I'd rather get scurvy than have to watch that again.

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