Humble 'Tom Clancy' Bundle gives you lots of games for not much money

Ubisoft has at least three Tom Clancy games in development, so the time is right to set all the older ones free. While not strictly 'free', you can grab a huge selection of Tom Clancy games in the latest Humble Bundle sale, while also securing access to the forthcoming Rainbow Six: Siege multiplayer beta.

The bundle includes the original Rainbow Six, Rainbox Six 3 Gold, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Ghost Recon – as well as the aforementioned beta access. If you pay above the average (which at the time of writing is a measly $7.78) you also get Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction and the original Splinter Cell, with more to be revealed.

Meanwhile, if you pay more than $10 you get Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Phew! That's ten Tom Clancy games! You'll never want to play another one again. Until next year that is: after Siege releases this November, we've still got The Division and Ghost Recon: Wildlands to get.


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