Crusader Kings II

Genre(s): Strategy, Sim
UK Release Date:
US Release Date:
UK Publisher: Paradox Interactive
US Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Paradox Interactive
Age Rating: ESRB Teen | PEGI 12

Like its predecessor, Crusader Kings II is a game about invading, marrying, plotting and assassinating your way to creating the greatest dynasty in Medieval history. As you might expect, this involves quite a lot of backstabbing and the odd incestuous marriage, but if it's good enough for the citizens of Westeros, then it's good enough for people in actual feudal Europe.

Speaking of which, this is pretty much Game of Thrones: The Game, capturing George RR Martin's novels' cutthroat warring and family-feuding far more effectively than the official GoT tie-ins. There's even a (brilliant) Game of Thrones mod.

Renowned strategy developers Paradox are at the top of their game with this engrossing grand strategy title, which has kept us scheming for hundreds of hours.

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An unforgettable wander through the bastions, banquet halls and bedchambers of Medieval Europe.

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