Free-to-play racing game Auto Club Revolution has gone live

Katie Williams

Veteran racing game developer Eutechnyx has kept their online free-to-play game Auto Club Revolution in various stages of testing for two years, with the open beta having begun over a year ago. Executive Producer Christoph Vietzke cited "strict criteria" for the wait—and apparently, that criteria has now been met, as ACR has officially launched today. Oh, and if you were a beta tester, you get a bonus gift as a thank-you for helping to improve and shape the game.

"Recently, an unprecedented amount of game changes and enhancements have gone into Auto Club Revolution," says Vietzke. "With 55 licensed cars, 24 different routes, two multiplayer and two single player modes including AI, good stability of the underlying tech for the website and the client, authentic handling of the cars, modern look of the website and the client and localised content in three languages, Auto Club Revolution is now a fully-fledged online racing game, and it will continue to grow."

The website's been relaunched to reflect the fresh start—ACR's looking incredibly suave, with showroom-beautiful cars. A free livery is being offered to players, who'll need to enter the code "BETATHANKS" on the Auto Club Revolution blog . I can't tell you much more about it, other than that it's gift-boxed with a free coat of "Simple Black" paint for that ultra-smooth finish.

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