Edge site gets a redesign

Edge Online

Edge Online has received a brand spanking new redesign. It looks much prettier, and it's even got some interesting PC related features, too. Firstly there's Crytek's vision of the future of game engines , then there's a piece on the future of lighting tech , and why it's going to make a big difference to the way games will look in the next few years. For an insight into what it's like to work for Valve, and some pointers on how to get a job with them, check out the Get Into Games feature. You'll find Edge's other PC related features right here .


Tom stopped being a productive human being when he realised that the beige box under his desk could play Alpha Centauri. After Deus Ex and Diablo 2 he realised he was cursed to play amazing PC games forever. He started writing about them for PC Gamer about six years ago, and is now UK web ed.
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