Company of Heroes 2 screenshots show a snowy town, tank columns and pyromania

Company of Heroes 2 fiiire

As the great philosopher Alfred From Batman once said, "some men just want to watch the world burn," it may not have been entirely clear from that scene, but he was referring to engineers from Company of Heroes, some of the most devastating flame troops in gaming. They start out as humble builders. They set up defences, they repair tanks, they sort out all the odd jobs that your highly trained troops won't do. Then, when you have enough fuel, you give them all flamethrowers and transform them into shock troops.

Then the mildest unit in the game suddenly becomes a deadly force, the bane of any entrenched infantry unit caught unawares. It looks like they'll be making a return in Company of Heroes 2. See the results of their handiwork, and a big ol' tank column in these new screenshots from E3.

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