Another week, another two pieces of Witcher 3 free DLC

We've had alternative outfits, Gwent skins and a quest involving a village of pigs. This week, though, The Witcher 3 free DLC program heads to Skellige for a new mission and a new armour set.

Here are the full details, courtesy of CD Projekt Red:

  • New Quest - 'Contract: Skellige's Most Wanted': A monster hunt like no other -- Can you survive it?
  • Skellige Armor Set: Enhanced for the frigid climate of the Skellige Archipelago, this set includes a jacket, gloves, pants, boots and horse tack.

To get the DLCs, subscribe to this package on GOG and download them from your account page, or add them from Steam's DLC list when they appear.

There are four pieces of DLC left, at which point The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will hold steady until the planned expansions release. Whatever the final free add-ons are, one thing is for sure: we have a hell of a lot more armour sets than we did six weeks ago.


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