Perennial is a lo-fi platformer that gets around

Tom Sykes at

The Earth might be *checks Google* round, but we haven't seen much evidence of that in games. Sure, there's been Super Mario Galaxy (and, eventually, MaK), however Perennial is the rare two-dimensional platformer to feature a giddily rotating planetoid. It's the latest from Badspot, who brought the world Blockland, and he's just released the prototype of the game.

Badspot (AKA Eric Hartman) intends to sell Perennial for "not a lot" when it's finished, but for now we have a fully functional, albeit unfinished demo version. As mentioned before, the 'hook' is the novel round-the-mulberry-bush perspective, but after playing this for a bit it would feel like a jolly, Metroidvania-style adventure even without that. I will say two things though: watch out for annoying Sticky Keys messages (jump is Shift); also, that jumping sound is a lot louder, and more infuriating, than the lovely music. Hopefully that will be sorted out for the final release.

You can grab the Perennial prototype here, and if you want it to appear on Steam, well you're in luck, because it also has its own Greenlight page.

[Thanks, IndieGames!]

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