The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The 50 best Skyrim mods

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Quests and New Lands

Moonpath to Elsweyr

Skyrim Mods Moonpath to Elsweyr


For those who are getting a little sick of snowy mountains, Moonpath to Elsweyr offers two brand new environments, lush jungle and barren desert. This quest mod takes you to the Khajit homeland of Elsweyr, making a strong case for setting the next Elder Scrolls game there. Unlike Falskaar the Elswyr added by this mod isn’t a fully explorable continent, but rather a series of locations you can visit in your airship. Did I mention you get an airship? You get an airship. Plus you can install an add on mod to get a talking tiger for a follower. Best mod ever.


Skyrim Mods Falkskaar


Falskaar is the brainchild of Alexander J. Velicky, a young first time Skyrim modder who decided to create a massive ‘DLC sized’ continent as an audition piece for Bethesda. Although it may lack the exotic locations of Moonpath to Elsweyr, Falksaar is certainly impressive. It’s comparable in size to Dragonborn’s Solstheim and, unlike Elsweyr, all that content is in the form of one seamless continent. For more information, check out our interview with Velicky.

Descent into Madness

Skyrim Descent into Madness


Descent into Madness was one of the highlights of Richard Cobbett’s Week of Madness diary. Take a nap in your bed in Breezehome and you’ll be transported into the realm of Sheogorath, where two nations called Madness and Dementia are engaged in an eternal clash of the crazies. Each side offers a different, hour long questline full of puzzles and riddles, all set within a bizarre, dreamlike landscape.

Here be Monsters

Skyrim Mods Here Be Monsters


You know what Skyrim doesn't have enough of? Giant monsters. Oh sure there's some big dragons and giants, but where are the fifty foot tall mudcrabs? In this mod obviously. Here Be Monsters gives you the opportunity to hunt down and fight giant sea monster versions of some of Skyrim's nastiest beasties. Each constitutes a single 'boss battle' complete with shipwreck strewn lair. Just head out to the docks and hunt down the nearest traumatised looking sailor and you too could have a giant Horker head to adorn your trophy room.

Helgen Reborn


Helgen Reborn is a huge quest mod that centres around rebuilding and ruling the town of Helgen, also known as “That place that got burnt down at the start of the game. You know, the one you immediately forgot about afterwards". Following the quest will lead you to creating a ragtag bunch of misfits to act as the town guard, while the city itself slowly expands around you. You can find out more by reading Chris’ Mod of the Week article on it.