Civilization V: The Celtic Chronicle, part 3 (520 A.D. to 1450 A.D.)

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Last stand of the Picts

960 A.D.: France and Germany sign a peace treaty, as do Sweden and Russia. Sweden remains at war with Germany, as does France with Russia, but it's clear that the 400-year, continent-spanning war is winding down.

The Great Prophet Rayman founds Ubiism in Paris, weakening PC Elitism's hold on the French people.

The in-game name of the religion they founded is Judaism, but since they're French and I'm running out of names of PC competitors, I gave it a nickname based on French publisher Ubisoft. No matter what I call it, it spells trouble. My relations with France were decaying even before they had their own major religion competing with mine.

On the bright side, only seven major religions can be founded in a given game. This means that I should have an easy time keeping the Swedes firm adherents of PC Elitism, which will preserve our alliance going forward.

970 A.D.: With Celtic siege weapons from London firing at the Germans from across the Bay of York, the York city guard hold off and route the advancing German army against all odds. As the German general flees, a cheer goes up from the walls. The Battle of York will go down as the turning point in the German Invasion, with what remains of the attacking forces pushed back to occupied Nottingham.

990 A.D. A ship carrying one of two German Great Generals is sunk by siege weapon fire in the Bay of York. The remaining leader of the invasion remains holed up in Nottingham with only a handful of men left under his command.

Back in Edinburgh, the Queen of the Celts gathers a new army from the recently-settled countryside. The German Invasion has made it abundantly clear that it is the end of an era for the Celtic military. Their old weapons and tactics were completely undone by the might of a large, contemporary force. The Picts, the fierce core of the Celtic armies for centuries, are simply no longer effective in large-scale warfare.

But their legend is not ready to draw to a close yet. The Woad March will be called one last time, as the remaining Picts advance to retake Nottingham like they did in days of old. It is likely that few will survive, but all will be remembered until the end of time.

I always hate when I get to the point that my civ's unique units have been out-teched, but if I'm going to defend myself from here on, it's time to say goodbye to my painted tribal warriors and start building the shining-armored knights and footmen this era is known for. At least I can give them a proper, glorious send-off in retaking my lost city from the crippled Germans.