And in other PC gaming news...

Tom Hatfield at

Would it have been any good? Even the Tacitus can't answer that.

Tis the season for announcing things apparently, with Epic, Bioware and THQ announcing new games in the near future. Are Bioware really making a new Command and Conquer game? Will we get make dialogue choices, fall the the Nod side and punch Kane in the face for his snide insinuations? Those questions will finally be answered this weekend. I for one can't wait.

Check inside for a selection of tesla powered PC gaming news.

  • Scientific American talks about how Starcraft 2 is teaching us about multitasking.
  • Cadred take a look at the differences in Counter Strike: Global Offensive from an e-sports perspective.
  • Eurogamer have some details on Obsidians South Park RPG.
  • VG247 say The Darkness 2 will have four player co-op.
  • The developers of Prototype 2 talk to Official Playstation Magazine about protaganist James Heller's race.

What do you think the new games will be readers? Let the rampant speculation commence!