Poker Night at the Inventory

Jaz McDougall at

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Telltale games have just unveiled a poker game at PAX. It'll be a comedy poker game starring four characters from games you know and love, or that you meant to play but couldn't get into because of the obtuse puzzles. It'll cost you $5/£3, and it'll be out "this fall."

It will star Team Fortress 2's Heavy, Strong Bad of, Max of the Freelance Police, and Tycho of Penny Arcade (or, more to the point, the ill-fated Penny Arcade Adventures). The Steam store page promises that "These characters come together in ways some never thought possible, in a setting few would have predicted." I mean, it's at... the inventory, right? That's what it says. I'm guessing they come together to... play poker? Here is the teaser video from a few days ago:

As they mention in their announcement post, Telltale will have to draw heavily on the personalities of the characters in order to pull this off - otherwise it's just a poker game, innit? Also, do they plan on giving Tycho a voice, or what? And how does Strong Bad hold cards with those boxing gloves on?