Taking Liberties: a Deus Ex story

Tom Francis at

Deus Ex can be a bit dicky on modern PCs; here's the best way to play now.

Patch it

The game is six quid on Steam, where it’ll be auto-patched to the latest version. If you’re reinstalling from a disc, patch up manually.

Fix it

If it runs too fast or doesn’t support the resolution you want, get Deus Ex Fixer. It’s easy to use and solves both problems quickly.

Shift it

Lastly, get the Shifter mod. It adds many neat tweaks such as throwing melee weapons, upgrading augs with dupes, and a Hed-Gun.

Next in Deus Ex week, we'll talk you through the art and screenshots of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and explain what's going on in them.

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