Zeno Clash 2 comes out swinging on April 30

Has it always been you lifelong dream to punch a giant crab in its stupid, oblivious face? In real-life that's not going to happen. We're just not experimenting enough in the field of rapid crustacean growth. Also you'd look a bit mean. People would stare. Luckily in Zeno Clash 2 those dreams look set to be fulfilled - and soon - as it's being released through Steam on April 30th.

There are other things to punch, too. The story picks up soon after the first, with Ghat and Rimat attempting to save Father-Mother from the imprisonment of Golem. Judging from this previously released trailer, doing so will involve pitting your fists against birdmen, monkey-men, and a selection of regular men with irregular beards and hats.

Pre-orders from Steam grant a free copy of the original Zeno Clash. There's also a two-pack available, to take advantage of the new co-op, and a Special Edition, with a digital art book and soundtrack, both certain to be thoroughly weird.

Phil Savage

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