WoW Monopoly, Starcraft Risk... what should come next? Tell us and win EVE: Conquests

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World of Warcraft Monoply

Blizzard recently confirmed World of Warcraft Monopoly and Starcraft Risk. Exciting stuff for the collector, but I'm not expecting anything that inspired. They'll probably just be reskinned versions of the classic games. And why not? Someone is clearly making a lot of money from the physical equivalent of DLC.

Do a bit of research and things get more interesting. There are already World of Warcraft and Starcraft board games available. They're appropriately themed to mesh with the game lore and, according to the informed hivemind that is Boardgamegeek , genuine fun to play.

Imagine Team Fortress 2 - The Board Game. It would play out on a top-down map of 2Fort with miniatures to represent each of the classes, and it would be the best game ever. You could create a personalised deck of items to take into battle, and Valve could make loads of money by selling booster packs and officially sanctioned paints, just like in the PC build.

That's my idea, but what do you think would be the ideal video game/board game crossover? Think about both mechanics and plasticy bits then post your ideas below. The most inspired wins a copy of EVE: Conquests - a board game based on CCP's eternal space opera. Your contributions will be judged by Friday and I'll send the prize anywhere in the world. Good luck!