World of Warcraft's Stan Lee tribute gives him a job in Stormwind Keep

Image via @BS_Schouten on Twitter.

Image via @BS_Schouten on Twitter.

Visit Stormwind Keep in World of Warcraft's public test realm and you might come across a new guard wandering around the place, occasionally talking to himself. Stanley is a new resident of Stormwind, and before that, he dabbled in comic books. If his appearance isn't a giveaway, his exclamations of "excelsior" might be. Yes, Stan Lee is now in World of Warcraft.

Lee passed in November at 95 years old but was still making public appearances and signing autographs until near the end. If you don't have time to pop into the PTR, you can watch him saunter through the keep in the video below, posted by WoWhead.

While he's only been spotted in Stormwind so far, multiple models have been dug up. There's one in a plain clothes casual outfit, while another sports a Horde uniform, complete with spiky shoulders. Presumably Stanley will be getting a second job patrolling Orgrimmar. 

The 8.5.1 update is currently being tested in the PTR, and as well as bringing Stan Lee to WoW, it unlocks the Zandalari and Kul Tiran allied races and introduces new Naga world quests. 

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