We've got three new Shadowverse cards to reveal

 A new expansion is coming to the free-to-play fantasy CCG Shadowverse at the end of the month called Dawnbreak, Nightedge. The eighth new card set will add a new "Choose" keyword that enables the use of special abilities or effects when certain cards are played, a twist that publisher Cygames said will enable "unprecedented levels of strategic depth." And once again, we've got an exclusive look at three of the new cards that are on the way. 

We begin our reveals with a Gold rarity card by the name of Suttungr. It's  a 3/2 unevolved. 5/4 evolved Neutral Follower, meaning it can be used in any deck. The card banishes enemy amulets, or gains a +3/+3 buff if no enemy amulets are in play. 

Suttungr unevolved

Suttungr evolved

Next up is Forest Whispers, a Silver rarity Forestcraft spell card that can nerf a strong enemy follower by transforming it into a Fairy, and also places a fairy into your hand. 

Forest Whispers

And finally, we have the Dragoncraft spell card Waters of the Orca, also Silver rarity, which summors a Megalorca, with extras summoned at higher levels of enhancement—that is, playing the card for more than its usual cost. 

Waters of the Orca

Shadowverse: Dawnbreak, Nightedge will also include two cards that come with free leader skins chosen during last year's 1st Birthday Card Popularity Poll, and all players will receive a rare Legendary card, which will be revealed later this month, for free. To learn more about the expansion, hit up shadowverse.com.

Correction: The post originally indicated that the Fairy and Megalorca cards are new in the expansion. They are in fact existing cards, summoned by the new Forest Whispers and Waters of the Orca cards. 

Andy Chalk

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