Watch Borderlands 3's launch trailer (updated)

Update: After a false start, the Borderlands 3 launch trailer is out now. Look above and stick it in your eyes. 

Original story: Borderlands 3's launch trailer surfaced today, briefly appearing on Twitter before being taken down. Gearbox wasn't quite quick enough to stop people from grabbing it, however, and you can take a look at it for yourself on Reddit

Borderlands is a series blessed with excellent launch trailers, and the latest is no exception. It's two minutes of stylish neon shootouts, countless explosions and lots of posing, all accompanied by Queen's Seven Seas of Rhye. 

I played a little at Gamescom and I'm a bit ambivalent, but proving that I'm not immune to the power of a cracking trailer, I'm considerably more pumped for Borderlands 3 than I was yesterday. Maybe I just need to listen to a Queen playlist and watch some fireworks. 

Expect the trailer to officially pop up again later today. You'll still have to wait a few more days to get your hands on the game, however. It's due out on September 13, but you'll be able to preload it a couple of days before, on September 10 or 11, depending on your region. 

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