Wargroove reveals its final three commanders, and one is a dog in uniform

Ahead of E3, Wargroove developer Chucklefish has revealed the final three commanders that players can choose to lead their forces in its upcoming strategy game. One is a good boy called Caesar, and that's him in the gif above. Isn't he cute? 

If you're wondering how this dog came to lead forces into battle, Chucklefish has a perfectly reasonable explanation for that in a post describing the three commanders. "Despite being a dog, he has managed to create an incredible air of authority and dignity around him, so much so that he is able to command whole armies to defend the Cherrystone Kingdom. But you better watch out, this doggy gets ruff." Caesar actually belongs to Mercia, one of the game's other commanders. 

The other two playable leaders are Ryota, from the Heavensong Empire, and Sedge, an assassin from the Floran Tribe. Here's what they look like respectively:

The post doesn't reveal exactly what their Groove powers will be—those being special abilities unique to each commander—but heck, it's a dog in a uniform. I'm sold. 

I played Wargroove in September last year at Chucklefish's offices, and it was coming along really well. If you haven't got time to read how that went, I got my ass handed to me in one game, then pulled off a respectable victory in the second. If you're heading to E3 next week, Wargroove will be playable on the ID@Xbox booth. Chucklefish is also streaming the game tomorrow on Twitch, at 5PM UK time, or 9AM PT. 

Samuel Roberts
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