Wargame: European Escalation goes on sale, gets free DLC

Oft overlooked strategy gem, Wargame: European Escalation has expanded with a new game mode and five new maps. The free Commander DLC adds an "economy" game mode, which turns battles into a resource race that can be won by taking and holding important bits of the battlefield. New maps include Two Flanks and Blood River, playable on Conquest mode. Bystrany and Thüringen Wald will work in Conquest and Economy, and Eye of the Storm is available for fans of Alamo mode.

Wargame is also Steam's midweek madness deal on Steam this week, which means you can grab it for a third of its normal price. The Commander DLC is the third free update for the RTS, which Tim Stone greatly enjoyed when he reviewed it for us. He calls it "spacious, subtle, deeply satisfying tactical gaming." Read our full Wargame: European Escalation review for the full verdict.

Eugen announced a follow-up to European Escalation earlier this year. It's called Airland Battle. Check out the impressive debut trailer for some sweeping shots of the sequels huge battlefields.

Tom Senior

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