VisionTek unveil new hybrid GFX card with LAN socket

Visiontek online gaming card

Vision Tek have announced the release of their next combi-card, a dual purpose card aimed at improving your PC's graphics capability while improving network speeds. It'll be hitting the market soon for just under $200. Read on for details.

Maximum PC have the lowdown on the new card, which combines an AMD Radeon HD5770 and a Bigfoot Killer 2100 NIC card into one lag swatting, framerate boosting beast. The NIC card includes an onboard 400MHZ processor dedicated to softening lag spikes. This results in smoother online play, perfect for competitive FPS gaming and large scale MMO player vs. player battles.

For a full tech run down and a comprehensive list of the hybrid card's features, check out the Vision Tek site. The card will be out later this month in the US for $199.99, there's no word on a European release yet.

Tom Senior

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